02 April 2008

Rabbi's fast thinking and quick shooting prevented terror attack

More details on yesterday's terror attack and the Rabbi's fast thinking and quick shooting.

Rabbi Erez Bar-On is the principal of the Hitzim High School in Itamar, near Shechem. and a graduate of the Hesder yeshiva in the town of Har Bracha, on Mt. Gerizim in Samaria.

On Monday afternoon, an Arab man approached the Shiloh Junction bus stop and began talking to two people, Rabbi Erez Bar-On and teenager, Hillel Maeir. Maeir described the events which followed: After a short conversation in broken English and Hebrew, which aroused the suspicion of the two, the 16-year-old young man decided to move away, behind a concrete barrier at the bus stop while the Rabbi Erez Bar-On placed his hand on his personal weapon.

At that point, the attacker suddenly pulled out a six-inch knife and tried to stab the Rabbi Bar-On. Because of his fear of getting entangled with the law for using his weapon, the would-be victim waited until the last second to draw his personal weapon. Hillel Maeir described that as the terrorist's knife was coming down toward the Rabbi Erez Bar-On, he managed to draw, cock and shoot his pistol at the terrorist all in the same motion.

The bullet knocked the Arab off his feet and wounded him. When the terrorist then reached inside his shirt, the Rabbi Erez Bar-On interpreted the motion as a possible attempt to detonate an explosive vest, and he shot again, this time killing his attacker. It later turned out that the Arab was reaching for a second concealed knife.

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Yuri Orlov said...

That's quite an impressive feat, drawing, cocking and firing his weapon while in the process of being stabbed. He must have practiced A LOT! I'm glad to hear he wasn't harmed.

TheBronze said...

This think how quicker he would've been had he had a round chambered.


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