29 October 2009

Saudi Arabia Rejects U.S. Middle East Peace Efforts

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

Not only do they have all the gas and all the cash, but they think they hold all the Cards too!

Saudi Arabia's Rejection Of U.S. Middle East Peace Efforts

Saudi Minister Takes Hard Line Against Peace Gestures to Israel -- Voice of America
Saudi Arabia rejects U.S. pleas on Israel -- Reuters
Saudi rebuffs US on improving ties with Israel -- AP
Saudi Arabia rejects ties with Israel -- Al Jazeera
Remarks With Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal -- U.S. Department Of State

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Anonymous said...

And especially with our weakling president hope&change, this is surprising?

B Woodman

Leif said...

This is diplomatic double-speak designed to create plausible deniability for Israeli strikes against Iran. The Saudis and Israelis have been co-operating below the radar for years now, as both recognize Iran as the number one threat. Loudly rejecting overt ties to Israel provides wiggle room for covert ties. In short, this means that the Saudis have given Israel the go-ahead.

Yaakova said...

Wow, thanks for this info on Saudi Arabia.. Disturbing.
Subject change: After seeing more pics of IDF women on your blog, I think I'll start a blog called "Men of the IDF" :)
just kidding! But if I did, I bet it would be popular!!


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