25 March 2010

IDF Woman to Receive Receive Presidential Citation of Excellence

First Sergeant Marina Izmailov and her dog Case, of the IDF Oketz canine unit, will appear together in the President’s residence to receive a citation of excellence from Israeli President Shimon Peres on Israel’s 62nd Independence Day - April 19th 2010.

1st Sgt.Izmailov will appear along with her dog Case, who is trained to find hidden explosives. Case will also go on stage to receive his citation.

1st Sgt.Izmailov and her dog Case

1st Sgt.Izmailov and her dog Case

The Oketz (Sting) unit, founded in 1939 as part of the Haganah (Jewish Defense Force of Palestine pre Israeli Independence), incorporates both IDF Women and Men Canine handlers who train and fight with their dogs and specialize in different fields including attack, pursuit, search and rescue and locating explosives.

Video of the IDF Canine Unit Oketz

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

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1 comment:

Alexander Maccabee said...

Yasher koach! When I make Aliyah, I hope to serve in the IDF, and Unit Oketz would be my very first choice. It is great to see someone doing so well, and being recognized, from that unit! And it is also great that the person of excellence is a woman; we take pride in all of our peoples.


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