11 April 2010

2010 Milbloggies Award in the Foreign National Military category

Here it the acceptance letter that was read on my behalf at the awards ceremony:

It is an honor to receive the award for Foreign National Military blog.

The DoubleTapper blog is a work of love, dedicated to my life in Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, and to the Israeli Defense Forces where I proudly serve. It is my pleasure informing others about what Israel and the IDF face on a daily basis, and how we respond to the ever-present threats from terrorism and hostility from our neighboring countries .

I can only hope that DoubleTapper blog has given you all a glimpse into why defending Israel is so important, and why the IDF is successful in accomplishing that mission.

Radical Islam, Terrorism and a Nuclear Iran are our shared enemy that needs to be fought on the battlefield and in the blogosphere. As we share these enemies, we also share the convictions that the War on Terror, the importance of antiproliferation, and that educating others through our blog posts about fighting the good fight are all essential to keeping democracy alive and safe for our children.

I am sorry I cannot attend this year's conference, but I am sending you all my best wishes for a good year of blogging about what really matters.

From the Land of Israel,

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The Revolution is Coming said...

Congratulations, although you have an unfair advantage with all those women of the IDF posts. Keep 'em coming!

haivri said...


May you continue to bring pride to the Jewish Nation.

Keep up the good work.

SteveA said...

I was happy to vote for you as you offer all of us here in the states a glimpse into what is really going on over there. Lord knows we can't expect the msm to get it right.

Anonymous said...

well deserved

Holyland legacy anointing oil said...

Congratulation Well done!!! your Blog bring honor to thE IDF and Israel

from your friend in IDF ARMOR


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