31 October 2010

Israel Homeland Security International Conference begins today

The first Israel Homeland Security International Conference begins today in Tel Aviv. The conference is a forum where international Homeland Security professionals will gather to share the knowledge, technologies and foresights for a more secure future of today's front line – the airports we travel through, the malls we visit, the transportation we use, and the streets we walk daily.
The conference was initiated by The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute and The Israel Airports Authority in Cooperation with Israel's Ministry of Industry Trade & Labor, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Public Security.

The first biennial Homeland Security Conference will be held this year from October 31st to November 3rd, 2010 in Tel Aviv. Representatives from around the globe will join forces with Israeli companies representing the brightest and most innovative technologies in homeland security. Highest ranked experts in the field, as well as decision makers, high profile municipal and state leaders from around the world will present new methodologies, trends, challenges, and opportunities in the industry.

The conference's format will focus this year on "Safe Cities" and "Airport Security" and will include keynote speakers, experts, panel discussions, exhibition, One-on-One meetings, tours of industrial facilities, and presentations of ground breaking technologies all specifically geared to generate dialogue and devise a cohesive plan for the future. In addition, participants will be able to witness first hand security exercises onsite at Israel's Ben-Gurion Airport.

Learn more and register here

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29 October 2010


YAMAM (Hebrew: ימ"מ‎, an acronym for Special Police Unit (יחידה משטרתית מיוחדת, Yehida Mishtartit Meyuhedet)) is the elite police counter-terrorism unit in Israel. The YAMAM is capable of both hostage-rescue operations and offensive take-over raids against targets in civilian areas. Besides military duties, it also performs traditional SWAT duties and undercover police work.

In Israel the YAMAM is also known as the "Unit for Counter-Terror Warfare" (Hebrew: היחידה ללוחמה בטרור‎). It is part of the Israel Border Police. Its operators and officers are professional policemen on payroll.  YAMAM recruits its members exclusively from Israeli units.

The YAMAM was established in 1974 after the Ma'alot massacre, where a failed operation by IDF special forces units resulted in the 21 children being murdered before the terrorists were eliminated. Since hostage rescue in friendly territory is different from that in hostile areas, it was decided to establish an elite police force, which develops and practices a special CQB (Close Quarter Battle) doctrine for "counter-terrorism" operations in friendly territory and hostage rescue. The YAMAM's operations and tactics are top secret and are rarely photographed or filmed. Very few of the YAMAM's missions are ever publicized.

The YAMAM recently won an international Counter Terror / SWAT competition in Oakland California USA, beating 25 other teams from around the world.

Ziv Koren published a book of his photographs of the YAMAM

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IDF Women

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28 October 2010

IDF Graduates Largest Ever Medical Doctors Class

The IDF Medical Corps completed the largest medical course in IDF history. The IDF reported that 50 new medical doctors will graduate and be assigned to the various air, sea, and land IDF units.  The new doctors will be assigned to 35 different battalions, of which 17 never had a regular doctor, relying on a paramedic or temporary physician.

IDF MD Doctors Train under fire

The IDF’s Chief Medical Officer, Brigadier General Dr. Nachman Ash, credited an extensive campaign the IDF ran encouraging future soldiers to join the Medical Corps and other enticements that the IDF used to fill the IDF's need for new medical doctors.

Brigadier General Dr. Ash, who gave the IDF’s future doctors their final examination, congratulated them and said: “These are doctors who are fully motivated, they are ready and willing to perform their duty. There is no doubt that from now on, with all the IDF’s field units manned by doctors, the response to our soldiers will also improve accordingly.”

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23 October 2010

Guess who won the Urban Shield Training competition in the USA?

As reported in Okaland, CA:

OAKLAND -- An Oakland police SWAT team finished second in a prestigious, internationally known training competition last weekend, losing out to a group of Israeli police...

The event was the fourth annual Urban Shield Training Exercise, a 48-hour continuous competition held at dozens of sites around the Bay Area from Oct. 15-18...

Twenty-nine teams took part. Besides Oakland and Israel and the Bay Area agencies, teams from Jordan and Bahrain participated. Tied for third were SWAT teams from the San Francisco Police Department and San Francisco FBI office. 

The Israeli Police unit that won is Israel's Police counter-terror force, the "YAMAM". Israel won the "Urban Shield" counter-terror competition against 27 top rated police and federal SWAT teams from around the world. Not only did Israel place first, but their point score was the highest ever in the history of the competition.

 Here is an old fan video of YAMAM training

Lots more at Jameel's Place

More on the YAMAM here

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