17 July 2017

One of benefits of being a word renowned social media personality and Israel's only Tactical Blogger is that I get access to hear that most people have to pay for. I just got to test out the world's only Recoil Reduction System for AR rifles. I was shocked! It's unbelievable that a ten second part swap, no tools or gunsmithing needed, could have such an immediate and pronounced effect on my rifle's recoil. Here's the video of me shooting and my reaction. Link to the DPM system The DPM Recoil Buffer Assembly is a direct replacement of the stock buffer and no modification is required. Reduction of recoil is accomplished due to the patented Multiple springs & counterweights mechanism. The DPM system produces advanced recoil reduction by gradually slowing down the bolt carrier before impact with the frame of the weapon. Included also two extra buffer springs, two counterweight springs and an extra heavier counterweight. Allowing fine tuning of the rifle's recoil. Advantages- Full User Adjustability Bolt and Frame Protection Significant Recoil Reduction Elimination of Jams Faster Follow Up Shots Better Double-Tap Concentration Better Control and Greater Accuracy

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