10 February 2009

Barack "that's gonna leave a mark" Obama

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

Watch your head, Mr. President!



El Sid said...

Maybe it will knock some sense into him.

Scott said...

So...the point of this post is...what?
The tall Black hits his head?
The Israeli thinks clumsy Blacks are...funny?
I am, quite obviously, confused.

DoubleTapper said...


Since when is 73 inches tall? In Israel it sure isn't!

How did you come to the conclusion that this post was racist?

I thought it was funny in a slapstick kind of way, like Abbot and Costello. Thanks for bringing it down to a whole new low.

BTW- Obama is a lot lighter complected than most Israelis.

Ruthie said...

What makes this so funny, besides its resemblance to the Abbott and Costello or Three Stooges type of humor, is our knowing that had this been a Republican (or especially G.W. Bush), we would still be seeing it replayed ad infinitum every day in the mainstream media and cable news networks 24/7 until Christmas 2012 (in all 57 states) -- all under the guise that only a dunce of the highest magnitude would do such a foolish thing.

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