25 November 2010

At the range

While at the range this week I checked out the price on various ammo types.

9mm is the most popular ammo sold at ranges in Israel. .380, .45, .32, .22 are also available at most ranges. .357, .38 too. Winchester, Remington, Sellier and Bellot, Fiocchi, IWI, are some of the more popular brands. .40 is almost nonexistent.

While training I usually shoot 3 of my 17 round magazines and my 2 33 round mags. I typically load each mag with a few rounds and work on speed, accuracy, mag changes and keeping eye contact with the target. I shoot about 50 rounds each session.
I use the Israeli point shooting method. I continue to shoot the target until it is incapacitated, then close distance for the elimination shot. Alternatively, I’ll take careful aim from behind cover and put one shot in the face. This is used if there is a threat that the target is rigged to explode.
Here in Israel, practicing with ammo can get expensive. I looked online and found that ammo prices vary. If I could purchase ammo for these prices, I’d shoot a lot more often.
Here are the basics of Israeli Point Shooting:

The first thing that is taught is firearm safety. The firing line is not crossed, and the instructor maintains control of the trainee at all times. Finger off the trigger, weapon pointed in safe direction at all times

Next, how to carry, draw, cock, and shoot, and change magazines from a static position. Most shooters are taught the Isosceles shooting stance, although the front Weaver stance is also used.

Then how to effectively engage a single target, and after the target has fallen, to "verify" that the target has been neutralized.

Next, how to do all of the above dynamically, including stepping to the side and dropping to one knee to change magazines. And moving with one hand on the pistol and the other held up to part the crowd.

An finally how to engage multiple targets.

This is only the basics, and is taught to civilians at shooting ranges.

More advanced techniques like room clearing and other counter terrorism methods are also taught at shooting ranges.

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