10 July 2015

What's the worst punishment you ever had in the military? Here in Israel the IDF uses collective punishment. You Fuck up and your entire platoon gets dinged. We had one guy with us who kept falling asleep. One day he fell asleep in the latrine and made us all 3 minutes late for formation. Imagine 40 guys running up and down a hill in full gear with open weighted stretchers for 6 hours because one guy took too long in the latrine. And he has to watch. He gets to "rest" because he must have been "tired". So we run up this massive hill while being timed. We managed to get to the top of the hill 2 faster than the sergeant told us to. So he shaves those 2 seconds off of the time we owe. Which he keeps track of in his notebook. It takes 6 hours to return the time we owe and then to "celebrate" we get to dig. We dig a 6 foot deep hole in the sand with spoons. When the hole is dug the ceremony begins. The sergeant makes us line up and begins a full blown funeral procession to bury the piece of paper from his notebook where he kept track of our times. Now the other platoons in our company get woken up early to watch. All the while the sleepy guy is resting. We file past the "grave" and pay our respects each guy dropping in a spoonful of sand until the hole if filled. The we have to pile rocks on the "grave". The entire process ends at dawn so we've had another sleepless night in the desert. Sleepy was never late again because someone was always with him . Even in the latrine. What's your worst military punishment?

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