09 June 2017

3D VR Shoot House

3D VR Shoot House Preview of the 3D VR Shoot House Asterion VR, ASTERION created the Merged Reality and enriched the virtual with real walls. It blurs the lines between real and virtual reality! ASTERION VR developed an amazing Virtual Reality tool called ModulMaze™ . This technology blends VR and reality in a Mixed Reality also called Merged Virtuality, using proprietary indoor positioning technology. Their LE and Armed Forces simulations use HMD VR Headsets with endogenic inside-out tracking system, their weapons’s RGB-D tracking is one of the world’s Most Accurate, Lowest Latency, Inside-Out Positional Tracking!!! --Not for those on a tight budget as the system costs $300k, but hands down the most impressive piece of tech I've ever used!

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