17 February 2010

My New IDF M4 Rifle

It finally happened. My trusty M16A1 rifle was replace with a newish reconfigured M16 in the M4 format.

I got the notice about 20 minutes ahead of time and began stripping all of my accessories off of the M16. I took the stripped down M16A1 to the local security office and turned it in and signed out the M4.


I then began configuring the new M4 rifle.

First I added the full length Fobus Picatinny rail on the bottom of the foregrip.

I then attached a new collapsible Bipod/Tactical Grip. It allows me to maintain a tight grip on the rifle during Tactical Close Quarter Room Clearing and to rest the rifle on the extended Bipod when shooting prone for longer distances.

I then added a Fobus Six-position collapsible stock with rubber non-slip recoil pad and a storage compartment for 2 CR123 batteries.  Ultrasonically welded metal inserts and slots allow for the addition of sling adapters (PBSS).

  • Rear snap-tight latch compartment provides storage for 2 spare CR123 batteries
  • Rubber non-slip buttpad with tapered angle, allows faster shouldering and increased comfort with my body armor
  • Multiple sling mount points let me attach my IDF sling just the way I like it

I also added a Barrel mounted Dual Accessory Adapter for my Tactical Laser and Flashlight.

Lastly, on the carry handle I attached my 3-9 power 50mm Illuminated Adjustable Brightness Scope.

The only thing missing was a set of IDF Elastic Grip Bands.

I'll post a report of how it shoots and handles soon.

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

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Yishai said...


Any thoughts on night-vision add-ons?

Tomás said...

Great! Mazal Tov!

Thank you for keeping Israel safe :)

The Grey Man said...

I have used a GripPod on mine for a few years, love it!!


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