22 February 2010

The Mossad is 1 Million Strong

On Sunday BBC Radio 4’s PM program interviewed Gordon Thomas, author of Gideon’s Spies, a book about the Mossad.

In explaining the Mossad’s operating methods outside Israel, Thomas told PM host Eddie Mair, “They have a whole backup system called ‘asylum.’ These are people, local residents, Jewish people, who help the Mossad. It is estimated to be in the world about half a million; some people say a million; I tend to say it’s about half a million, all of them Mossad people.”
The BBC press office in London said, “This interview was part of a wider piece about the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh which involved contributions from a number of people including Gordon Thomas, an author of a book about [the] Mossad. 

So let me get this straight. Roughly 10% of the Jews in the world work for the Mossad and assist in assassinations. This is from the same Gordon Thomas that wrote that the Mossad was responsible for Princess Dianna's death.

On the flip side, Twenty years ago Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, who's recent death in Dubai is being blamed on the Mossad, disguised himself as an Orthodox Jew, kidnapped two Israeli soldiers, Ilan Sa'adon and Avi Sasportas HY"D, and murdered them. So now their blood has been avenged.

So if you are an antisemitic terrorist, you should be scared. Just ask Gordon Thomas. He'll tell you that the Mossad is 1 million strong and they're going to get you!

Hat tip Jameel

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