10 December 2011

Obama Insults Jews With Premature Exaltation of Chanukka

Chanuka doesn't begin for another 11 days -- but last night, President Barack Hussein Obama decided to insult world Jewry with a Premature Exaltation of the holiday at the White House.

Looking back, Obama had no issues with Premature Exaltation of the Muslim Festival of Ramadan.  He was able to contain his ardor until August 1. 2011 when he polished his Arabic and pronounced, "Ramadan Kareem" to the Muslim world.

Obama's lack of respect for the Jews and his outright disdain for Israel have been apparent since the day he was elected.  Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East, is the only true friend that the United States has in the region.  Israel is on the frontline of the war between radical Islam and Western civilization.  On the our border with Gaza, the Israeli people have been called upon to endure indiscriminate rocket attacks from Hamas with only a minimal response; they must contend with a belligerent Hezbollah and an unstable Syria in the north; in the east, Jordan is in turmoil and many wonder if King Abdullah can survive; and in the south, Saudi Arabia and Egypt continue to be major exporters of radical Islam.

Making matters worse, Israel's relations with Jordan and Egypt (the only two Arab countries to have signed peace treaties with Israel) are in serious doubt.  Recently, Jordan's King Abdullah went so far as to say that "Israel has an expiration date." Following the Muslim Brotherhood's election victory in Egypt, Middle East experts openly predict that "Islamists may also seek to annul the 1979 Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty.

Israel has no real friends in the Middle East, and our enemies are growing stronger by the day. With help from Iran, Israel's enemies are preparing to deliver what they think will be a death blow to Israel. Repeatedly over the years, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has boldly asserted that Iran intends to "wipe Israel off the map." The day has finally arrived when the Iranians think they are ready to launch a coordinated attack, and only the political instability in Syria may have prevented an attack in September.

Now more than ever before Israel needs a friend in the White House, and Barack Hussein Obama is not that person.

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08 December 2011

Today in Jewish History December 8 1941 - Gas Day in Chelm

December 8 1941 was the first time that the Nazi's used Gas to exterminate Jews.

On December 8, 1941 Jews of Chelmno (Chelm) were loaded into trucks (50-70 people per truck) and taken to the nearby forest, gassed with exhaust fumes along the way. Their bodies were dumped in deep pits, and then the gassing trucks returned to the mill for more victims.  Any Jews found to be still alive as the corpses were being unloaded were shot by SS and police officials on duty.

The SS and police conducted killing operations in Chełmno from December 8, 1941, until March 1943 and then again for a brief period in June-July 1944 in the forest camp.

A gas-van driver named Walter Burmeister  testified:  
The gas vans were large vans, about 4-5 metres [13-16 ft] long, 2.2 metres [7.2 ft] wide and 2 metres [6.5 ft] high. The interior walls were lined with sheet metal. On the floor there was a wooden grille. The floor of the van had an opening which could be connected to the exhaust by means of a removable metal pipe. When the lorries were full of people the double doors at the back were closed and the exhaust connected to the interior of the van... 

The commando member detailed as driver would start the engine right away so that the people inside the lorry were suffocated by the exhaust gases. Once this had taken place, the union between the exhaust and the inside of the lorry was disconnected and the van was driven to the camp in the woods where the bodies were unloaded. In the early days they were initially buried in mass graves, later incinerated... I then drove the van back to the castle and parked it there. Here it would be cleaned of the excretions of the people that had died in it. Afterwards it would once again be used for gassing.

In September 1944, a group of Jewish prisoners, presumably brought from outside the Wartheland District, was forced to exhume and cremate any remaining corpses from the mass graves at Chełmno as part of Operation 1005 and to obliterate any other evidence of mass murder operations. The SS and police shot about half of the 80-man detachment after this work was done in November 1944. The Germans abandoned the Chełmno killing center on January 18, 1945, as the Soviet army approached (which arrived at the camp two days later). The SS killed at least 152,000 people at Chełmno between December 1941 and March 1943 and in June/July 1944. (Note: a 1946–47 report places the number closer to 340,00).

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07 December 2011

Nuclear Iran

...Iranian leaders say the return of their Islamic messiah -- known as the Mahdi, or Twelfth Imam -- is drawing near. In their view, using nuclear weapons against Israel or the West could hasten his appearance.

"He will come back and save them. So an attack and a conflagration is an incentive,"  Says Harold Rhode, a senior adviser to the Hudson Institute, and former foreign affairs specialist at the Pentagon. 

Iran expert Dr. Michael Ledeen, a freedom scholar with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, said when Iranian leaders threaten to destroy America and Israel, we should take them at their word.
"Obviously, their nuclear program is closely related to their messianic vision," he said. 

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02 December 2011

Israeli Accessories on Czech Rifles

FAB Defense makes Rifle Accessories to fit the VZ58.   
  The SA Vz.58 is a gas operated, magazine fed, selective fire weapon. It uses more or less conventional short stroke gas piston, located above the barrel. The gas piston has its own return spring. The locking system features a linearly moving bolt (breech block) with a separate tilting locking piece. The breech block (bolt) is located under the bolt carrier, and the locking piece is hinged to the bolt and located under it. The VZ58 fires from the closed bolt all times. When gun is fired, the gas piston gives a short tap to the bolt carrier. After a free movement of about 22 mm (.9 inch) the bolt carrier swings the locking piece upfrom the locking recesses in the receiver, and thus unlocks the bolt. From this moment on the bolt group moves back at once, extracting and ejecting the spent case and chambers a fresh cartridge. At the end of the return stroke the bolt stops in the forward most position against the breech face, while the bolt carrier continues to move forward, swinging the locking piece down and into the locking recesses, thus locking the bolt to the receiver.

The overall system can be roughly described as a mix between the Walther P-38 pistol and the CzechZB-26 (or British Bren) machine gun locking.

The charging handle is attached to the right side of the bolt carrier.

The trigger / hammer unit also differs from the most common designs in that it is a striker fired design. The massive cylindrical striker is located at the rear, hollowed part of the bolt, and has its own spring located under the bolt group return spring. The striker has a lug that interacts with the sear and is used to hold the striker in the cocked position. The overall design of the trigger unit is relatively simple and has few moving parts. The safety / fire mode selector switch is located at the right side of the receiver, and has 3 positions for safe, single shots and full automatic fire.

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