30 April 2010

IDF Women

IDF Women updated every Friday

Circa 1948

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28 April 2010

Who Loves Israel the most?

The greatest level of sympathy towards Israel can be found in India, according to international study on behalf of the Foreign Ministry, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Friday.

According to the study, which was unprecedented in scope and was undertaken by an international market research company, 58% of Indian respondents showed sympathy to the Jewish State. The United States came in second, with 56% of American respondents sympathizing with Israel.

The study was undertaken as part of the "Branding Israel" project and aimed at looking into Israel's international stature at what researchers characterized as the world's 13 most important countries, including the US, Canada, Britain, France, China, and Russia. A total of 5,215 people took part in the study.

Other countries that showed significant sympathy to Israel included Russia (52%) Mexico (52%) and China (50%). At the bottom of the list, the study ranked Britain (34%) France (27%) and Spain (23%) as the least sympathetic countries towards Israel.

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27 April 2010

Life in the Middle East

The Burkini, is made from UV and water-protected polyester. It covers the whole body except for the feet, hands and face.

Muslim fashion designer Aheda Zanetti (L) makes adjustments
 to her Islamic swimsuit worn by Australian model Mecca Laalaa (R) at 
her shop in Sydney, 12 January 2007 (AFP, AFP/Getty Images / January 12,

Israel's beaches look nothing like this!

Hat tip DamnCoolPics

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IDF Presidential Award For Excellence on Independence Day

On Israel's 62nd Independence Day, 120 Servicemen and Women gathered at the Presidential Residence in Jerusalem to receive the prestigious IDF Presidential Award for Excellence from Israeli president, Shimon Peres.

Watch as the Award Recipients share 
their feelings on Israel and their roles in the IDF
“The message that you are sending to IDF soldiers and young Israeli women and men is very powerful,” said President Shimon Peres. “You enlisted into the [IDF], some of you even volunteered, and all of you have worked exceptionally throughout your service. Today, you can be proud of your achievements and contributions to the defense of the State of Israel.”

“It was all so exciting that it’s impossible for me to describe how I felt,” said Corporal Mayan Sandrovitch, one of the recipients of the Presidential Award of Excellence. “I had tears in my eyes. It was an experience of a lifetime. After the ceremony, I approached the President and he was interested in knowing where I’m positioned in the army. He told me ‘Well done!’ and of course, I took a picture with him.”

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26 April 2010

Who was Fred Monosson

 Fred Monosson was originally from Novgrudok, Belarus.

Fred is seated on the right
This picture is from here

He had a town named after him
Neve Monosson was founded in 1953 by a group of families supported by Fred (Efraim) Monosson, a wealthy raincoat manufacturer and a leading Zionist from Boston, Massachusetts. 

About Fred

Independence Day in Israel

Fred Monoson's Footage of IDF

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25 April 2010

Israel the early years in color

Hat tip Kristee
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23 April 2010

IDF Women

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22 April 2010

Today in Jewish History

1451: Birthdate of Isabella I of Castile, the queen who played a key role in the destruction of a seven century old civilization when she cruelly expelled the Jews from Spain

1509: Henry VIII ascended the English throne following the death of his father, Henry VII. While Jews were officially banned from living in England, evidence exists that a small congregation of Marranos had settled in London by 1540. Henry's contact with Jews and Judaism was indirect but somewhat pivotal in the! Events surrounding his various wives. Henry's older brother had married Catherine of Aragon in a state marriage designed to guarantee peaceful relations between England and Spain. When Henry's older brother died, the English sought to keep the amicable relations alive by arranging a marriage between Henry and Catherine. The English got the Pope to approve of the marriage by invoking the Biblical law concerning the Levirate Marriage. Years later, Henry sought to have the marriage annulled so that he could marry Anne Boleyn. He claimed that the marriage was a nullity because he had coveted his late brother's wife and their marriage was a product of sin. Henry sought support from those most learned in these matters, a group of Italian rabbis.

1872: Jews of Bavaria were granted equality

1896: Theodore Herzl, the father of modern Zionism began a two day journey to Karlsruhe where he was received in audience by Grossherzog (Grand Duke) Friedrich of Baden. Herzl was heartened by the meeting saying ("Jedenfalls nahm der Grossherzog meine Staatbildung von Anfang an vollkommen ernst." - "In any case, the Grand Duke took my proposed formation of a {Jewish}state quite seriously from the beginning.")

1897: In New York City, the world's largest Jewish daily newspaper, "The Forward," was first published. Abraham Cahan, 43, one of its founders, became editor of the paper in 1903, remaining until his death in 1951. The Forward began as a Yiddish paper. By the 1930's it was one of the nation's leading dailies with a readership of 275,000 supplemented by a radio audience listening to WVED. One of its most famous features was the Bintel Briefs, a Yiddish Dear Abby. The paper shifted its formant and became English weekly in the 1980's. Later it added a Russian language edition for the new wave of Jewish immigrants.

1920: During the San Remo Conference, Chaim Weizmann has a private meeting with Lloyd George and Lord Balfour during which he presses the British leaders "for a civil administration in Palestine, run by the British under a League of Nations mandate..." The San Remo Conference decided to assign the Palestine Mandate under the League of Nations to Britain. The agreed text of this Mandate was confirmed by the Council of the League of Nations in July 1922. The aim of the Mandate, as stated in its preamble and Article 2 was to prepare the area for “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.”

1933(26th of Nisan, 5693): A Jewish merchant, Salomon Rosenstrauch was shot dead in Wiesbaden, Germany.

1940(14th of Nisan, 5700): The Sommer family sit down to their first Seder in Liechtenstiein. How this family of German Jewish refugees from Munich came to be there was chronicled by Susi Pugatsch-Sommer in an article entitled "A Pesach Miracle in Nazi Germany."

1940: SS official Odilo Globocnik announced a plan to increase the use of Jewish forced labor and to establish separate work camps for Jewish men and women.

1940: Ten members of the staff of Ben Shemen Youth village, including the director are sentenced to serve prison terms of up to seven years. The British had raided Ben Shemen in January and found weapons belonging to the the Jewish defense organization, the Haganah which later became the IDF. The prison sentences were for their role in hiding the weapons.

1943: The Nazis deported the Jews of Amersfoort, Holland.

1945: Six hundred of the remaining inmates at Jasenovac Concentration Camp rose up against their Croatian killers. The Croatians killed over five hundred of them. This camp was located in a breakaway republic from Yugoslavia called Coratia. The Croatians ran the camp for their Axis allies and were responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Jews.

1945: The Soviet Army liberated the Concentration Camp at Sachsenhausen in Germany. The camp was only about 35 kilometers from Berlin and was established in 1938. Approximately thirty to thirty-five thousand people including Jews perished in the camp.

1947(2nd of Iyyar, 5707): In Jerusalem's central prison, Moshe Barazani and Meir Feinstein beat the hangman when they used a grenade smuggled into death row to blow themselves up. The two had planned to detonate the device when they were on the scaffold thus taking the British appointed executioner with them. But when the Rabbi who visited them earlier in the day said he would return to be with them at the moment of execution, the two decide to act earlier so as avoid killing him.

1947: Another 769 illegal Jewish immigrants arriving on board the Galata in British controlled Palestine were trans-shipped to Cyprus. Most of the Jewish immigrants at the time were Holocaust survivors and were again interned in Camps, this time by the British.

1948: Operation Scissors was launched by the Haganah as part of the Yishuv's attempt to assume control of Haifa after British withdrawal and attacks had been made by Arab forces to control this port city. By the end of the day, Haifa was in the hand of the mainline Zionist forces. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capture_of_Haifa_in_1948

1950: Tonight, after the end of the Sabbath, Israel began the celebration of her second year of independence. In his address to the nation, President Weizmann called upon Israelis "to celebrate in joy and happiness the great salvation wrought to our people after centuries of exile and affliction." In Jerusalem, Joseph Sprinzak, Speaker of the Knesset, lit a torch on Mt. Herzl which lit from fire provided by veterans of the Masada Battalion which had defended Jerusalem from attacks by Egyptians and Arab Irregulars during the dark days of the siege of the City of David. Similar festivities took place throughout the country including open air performances, torch light parades and the sounding of sirens by ships of many nations docked in Israel's major ports.

1953: The Jerusalem Post reported that the "past seven days was the bloodiest week along Israeli borders for a long time." Two Israelis were murdered at Mevuot Betar, the Arab marauders were active in the South, in Galilee and Jerusalem. There was a general outcry when General Bennet L. de Ridder, the U.N. Chairman of the Israel-Jordan Mixed Armistice Commission refused to comply with the Israeli request to call an emergency meeting of the Commission to discuss the latest developments and, in particular, the murder of Zvi Genauer and his niece, Dvora, in Jerusalem. This incomprehensible U.N. decision was taken despite the fact that the tracks of the three marauders, responsible for this murder, were discovered by an U.N. observer and an Israeli officer who noted that they led to the Jordanian-occupied village of Beit Iksa. The General claimed that it was not the duty of his Commission to deal with incidents "of this type."

1953: The Jerusalem Post reported that Israel's three-years-long land survey, conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture, was almost completed.

1979 (25th of Nisan, 5739): Arab Terrorist Shamir Kuntar was part of a cell that raided the northern Israeli town of Nahariya, fatally shooting a civilian, Danny Haran, while his daughter Einat, 4, watched, then smashing the girl's head, killing her as well. Mr. Haran's wife, Smadar, hid with their 2-year-old daughter, accidentally suffocating her in an effort to stop her from crying out.

2009: Five hundred Jews who were making their monthly visit to Joseph's Tomb in Schem arrived at the shrine this evening and found that it had been subjected to anti-Semitic vandalism including being painted with swastikas. According to the Oslo Accords, the tomb is under Israeli control, but that has been rendered as nothing more than a legal fiction since the outbreak of Arab violence in 2000.

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21 April 2010

Israel Independence Day Pictures

עייט 421

פתן 910

צפע 393

קרנף 436

רעם 234

רכב כיבוי אש

ציוד כיבוי אש וחילוץ משריפה

קרון קשר לסוללות נ"מ

ציוד לגילוי ועבודה בתנאי אב"כ

רכב אב"כ לטיהור

מיכלית תידלוק

סירות אישיות לטייסים

ציוד מילוט

חליפת טיסה לגובה רב

סירת צוות

סרבל טיסה

מסוק משטרתי שפיקח מלמעלה

רחבת התערוכה


Haifa, it's our city

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