20 July 2011

IDF Motorcycle Legacy Tour

 I am DoubleTapper, the Security Coordinator for an Israeli nonprofit in Yehuda and Shomron.  I am currently planning a very unique trip to help raise awareness and improve the safety and security of Jews living in the Yehuda and Shomron regions and also to educate people about life in the Heartland of Israel,Yehuda and Shomron.  

 My 18-year-old son and I will be riding motorcycles coast to coast to commemorate my reaching retirement from the IDF reserves, and at the same time my son's upcoming induction into active duty in the IDF.  It will be a coast to coast, father and son IDF Legacy tour on Motorcycles in August-September.

We will pick up two used motorcycles on the east coast and then ride to the west coast and back.  We will stop in many communities along the way, speaking about life and security in the Israeli Heartland, Yehuda and Shomron, and connecting with those communities in a unique way which no others have. Our target audiences will range from high-schoolers to universities, houses of worship and community gatherings.  I am actively putting together the trip itinerary currently and arranging to speak in communities along the way.

There is a pressing need to educate Americans about Jews living in Israel, specifically in the unfortunately politicized Yehuda and Shomron.  If you'd like us to come to your house of worship, community gathering, school, camp, etc and speak please let me know

For more information and to follow our route, go to our FaceBook Page at http://www.facebook.com/IDFMotorcycleLegacyTour  

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15 July 2011

Ready Or Not

While in Tel Aviv yesterday I got to hang out with Effi Kivelevitz, Mr. Israel 2009. He's in training for an international bodybuilding competition which is scheduled for the end of July.

He looks ready to me!

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14 July 2011

FAB Defense

I just came back from a visit to the FAB Defense factory!


I'll be posting a video soon.

Click this picture and Like FAB Defense

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12 July 2011

IDF Women Training for Battle

The IDF Women who serve in the Hummer Operators’ Unit – there are no male Hummer Operators – spend their days in the field, training other soldiers.  The Operators use their Hummers to demonstrate how to drive the military vehicles (tanks) while the group of soldiers participates in the simulated combat drills.

In order to show the soldiers what real combat is actually like in the field, without exposing them to the danger of real ammunition, the instructors use a sophisticated system of lasers and laser-sensitive sensors, called the “MILES System” (“Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System”).

The IDF’s Hummer Operators’ Unit is the only all-female unit of Hummer Operators in any army in the world.

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07 July 2011

Raid on Entebbe - 35 years later

It's been thirty-five years since the vaunted and gutsy raid to rescue the Jewish hostages and flight crew of an Air France flight in 1976. For complete details, check out this Wikipedia article. A few quick thoughts of my own:
  • The IDF is not just an Israeli Defense Force defending the Israel and the Israeli borders, they are in the business of defending every single Israeli (i.e., Jew) worldwide.
  • This operation took balls of steel. Now we know where Bibi must have gotten his pair from: emulating his heroic brother Yoni Netanyahu who lost his life saving the lives of others.
  • Quite literally, failure was not an option. The planes only had enough fuel for a one way trip, so one part of the hostage rescue operation was to take over the refueling trucks and refill the planes which took one hour.
  • In addition to the audacious and chutzpadik (in a good way) details of the raid (see the complete, if dry, Wikipedia article), I read somewhere (I believe in Every Spy a Prince), that there was a single Mossad agent covering a few African countries, Uganda being one of them. He spent the previous years diving under cover, and then blew his entire cover in order to provide up-to-date intel on the airport. How? Having no other choice, he stole a Cessna plane and circled the airport a few times taking photos and intel. He then had to flee for his life as there's no other way to spin such a daring move other than that he was Mossad.
In addition to the dry recounting of the operation in the Wikipedia article, you may want to spend an evening watching the classic 1977 movie starring Peter Finch, Raid on Entebbe. The full version is on YouTube. I have not seen the movie again since my childhood, but I still remember the chilling scene of the commandos singing "Hinei Ma Tov" in the plane on their way down to Entebbe.
In addition, there is a one-hour documentary by National Geographic on the operation here.

May Yoni's memory be as an uplifting reminder of the heroic sacrifices made every day by our boys and girls in the IDF.

(Hat tip: Rand Simberg)

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06 July 2011

Andrew Klavan on Israel

Andrew Klavan recently said
"...turning the entire Middle East into one big Israel will secure religious freedom for everyone in the area. As things stand, Muslim states either ban other religions completely or torment their practitioners to the point of extinction.

Not so Israel. Although Jimmy Carter and other leftists pretending not to be anti-semites have accused Israel of practicing religious apartheid, the fact is Muslims and Christians have full freedom of religion in the Jewish state. They can and do vote and serve in the Israeli Parliament and Supreme Court; they can and do volunteer to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces. And only under the Jews, are the religious sites of the holy land open to all.

Indeed, once the entire Middle East becomes Israel, most of the region’s Arabs will be freer and better off in every way than they’ve ever been before. The United Nations reports that Israel is far more democratic and more advanced in human development than any Arab state. And, of course, only in Israel is that half of the population sometimes known as “women”—or “sweetheart” or “baby”—given full human rights."
Watch the video

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05 July 2011

IDF Patrols Nothern Border

IDF soldiers patrolling along the northern border fence with Syria

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03 July 2011

Israel's Missile Defense Systems

Israel's Ministry of Defense (MOD) is working to integrate all four of the Israeli made anti-missile defense systems with the US Patriot Missiles into a national command and control center for the interception of enemy missiles.

The initiative involves integration of:

Arrow 2 and Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile systems that are developed by IAI and designed to work together to intercept Iran's long range missiles and other long range missiles;

Iron Dome, developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. and IAI's Elta Division, and designed to intercept short range rockets and missiles up to a range of 70 kilometers and provide a solution principally against firings and launches from Gaza and Lebanon;

David's Sling aka Magician's Wand, designed to intercept medium range missiles up to a distance of 300 kilometers, developed by Rafael and Raytheon Inc. in the US;

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-cyuxyKArYOM/TYzeLX19INI/AAAAAAAACCE/h5gBGGMOsR0/s1600/iron-dome.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-2a2NUC-vMoY/TWRh-0c5llI/AAAAAAAABU8/114KOwBGwxo/s1600/ArrowMissle.jpg


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