29 June 2008

Reactions to Heller

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership said

"The decision clearly and unambiguously establishes the strong and fundamental nature of the individual right to keep and bear arms..."

M4 Furlough!

One our neighbor's sons is in an IDF infantry unit. He stops by to visit when he's on furlough and calls me occasionally with interesting IDF stories and the occasional request for advice on dealing with the military.

I try to help out whenever I can and am always happy to ply him with Mrs. DoubleTapper's amazing homemade concoctions.

A few months ago he asked me some questions on shooting. The conversation let to sharpshooting and sniping. I offered to loan him a 4x20 scope that I haven't used in a while and demonstrated how to shoot with it.

Barska 4x20 mm M16 Electro Sight Scope, Matte Black

He called me a few days later from the range. His C.O. had given him permission to mount the scope on his M4 and sight it in. He needed a walk through on sighting and some pointers on how to adjust his shooting to the new scope.

He called me back later to tell me that his C.O. was so impressed with his shooting ability and with the way he was able to take instruction over the phone that he was allowing him to practice with the marksmen.

After a little practice and a few more phone pointers he was outshooting the sharpshooters and had won himself a designated marksman's slot.

He turned in his M4 and was issued a marksman's rifle. The IDF infantry use the M4 with an upgraded match barrel, Harris bipod and Trigicon 4x32 ACOG™ (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) scope.

IDF Marksman M4 in Mrs. DoubleTapper's kitchen

The Trigicon ACOG gives you the fast target acquisition, huge exit pupil and long eye relief of a red dot scope without any worry of a battery failing, because there isn't one! The revolutionary dual-illumination tritium / fiber optic lamp gives you brilliant, self-adjusting illumination in any light conditions.

  • 4X magnification and 32 mm objective lens aids in detecting partially hidden targets out to 300m... FOV: 36.8 ft. @100 yds.
  • Red-colored Chevron reticle with 800 m bullet drop compensator calibrated for .223 from the 20" M16A4 barrel
  • Broad band anti-reflective multi-coated lenses for superior clarity and light gathering with zero distortion
  • Bindon Aiming Concept™ (BAC) allows you to sightwith both eyes open for rapid target acquisition and maximum situational awareness all while still taking full advantage of 4X magnification
  • Internally adjustable and tough... only the prism housing moves making the ACOG more rugged than conventional designs
  • Longer 1.5" eye-relief for larger caliber rifles, larger 8 mm exit pupil for faster target acquisition
  • Adjustment: 3 clicks per inch @ 100 yds.
  • Waterproof to 100 ft... dry nitrogen purged to minimize fogging
  • Military grade 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy housing makes this system nearly indestructible

I've passed the 4x20 scope on to another of our servicemen. Maybe he'll come over with a sniper rifle to let me play with.

26 June 2008

Israel Homeland Security and Defense Trade Show roundup

I attended the Israel Homeland Security and Defense Trade Show today and took a few pictures. As I mentioned in previous postings, Israel is on the cutting edge of technology and defense. Much of the world's Homeland Security technology (perimeter defense, access control, offensive reconnaissance, biometrics and security analytics) is invented here in Israel.

I stopped by the booth of ODF Optronics, they make some of the most futuristic remote control surveillance robots I've ever seen. They even have one the size and shape of a softball.

I also saw lots of innovative low tech products, weapons enhancements, accessories, etc.

In attendance were Police, EMS, first responders, and servicemen from various branches of the IDF and from all over the world.

24 June 2008

Iran has missiles!

According to various intelligence sources, Iran has plenty of missiles and is waiting for the opportunity to use them. MESI's new interactive map shows that Iran's missile arsenal has the range to reach New York and London.

MESI gathers and analyzes information and presents it in a relevant format.

I had the opportunity to meet the Editor of MESI, Ashley Perry, and discuss the Middle East Strategic Information (MESI) project with him.

MESI provides a unique in-depth analysis of the Middle East and its strategic issues as they relate to the outside world.
MESI has access to senior politicians, diplomats, high-ranking security officials, academics, legal experts and strategists from Israel and around the Middle East. These provide MESI with an important infrastructure to disseminate a professional and credible analysis of events from the region.

Check out the interactive map that shows the type and range of missiles.

21 June 2008

Barack Hussein Obama lies again!

Don't lead us up and down rabbit trails, Senator. You lied. Plain and simple.

Hattip: Hog On Ice

20 June 2008

Why Is Bush Helping Saudi Arabia Build Nukes?

The Wall Street Journal - Why Is Bush Helping Saudi Arabia Build Nukes?:

Here's a quick geopolitical quiz: What country is three times the size of Texas and has more than 300 days of blazing sun a year? What country has the world's largest oil reserves resting below miles upon miles of sand? And what country is being given nuclear power, not solar, by President George W. Bush, even when the mere assumption of nuclear possession in its region has been known to provoke pre-emptive air strikes, even wars? If you answered Saudi Arabia to all of these questions, you're right...

That's not good enough. We would do well to remember that it was the U.S. who provided the original nuclear assistance to Iran under the Atoms for Peace program, before Iran's monarch was overthrown in the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Such an uprising in Saudi Arabia today could be at least as damaging to U.S. security.

We've long known that America's addiction to oil pays for the spread of extremism. If this Bush nuclear deal moves forward, Saudi Arabia's petrodollars could flow to the dangerous expansion of nuclear technologies in the most volatile region of the world.

While the scorching Saudi Arabian sun heats sand dunes instead of powering photovoltaic panels, millions of Americans will fork over $4 a gallon without realizing that their gas tank is fueling a nascent nuclear arms race.

19 June 2008

Proudly Defending Israel on Arab TV

Link to YouTube Video here in case embedding isn't working well.

YNET: It can be assumed that Al-Jazeera's top journalist Jamal Rayyan will not soon forget this year's Jerusalem Day, which was celebrated this week. Following reports of Israel's intentions to construct housing units in areas located beyond the Green Line (1967 borders), the news agency decided to hold an interview with Dr. Mordechai Keidar, a lecturer from Bar Ilan University's Department of Arabic Studies. The interview - in Arabic (and now subtitled in English) can be seen in full on youtube.

Rayyan opened with the question, "Mr. Mordechai, is this decision meant to constitute another nail in the coffin of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations?"

The journalist appeared taken aback when Keidar answered, "To tell you the truth I don't quite understand this. Must Israel ask permission from some other authority in the world? It has been our capital for 3,000 years. We have been there since the time your forefathers used to drink wine, bury their daughters alive, and pray to multiple gods."

Keidar was referring to a period Arabs call Jahiliyyah (ignorance of divine guidance), which prevailed in the Arab world before the time of the Islam. "So then," he continued, "why must we speak about this? It has been our city for 3,000 years and will be for eternity."

The stunned Rayyan refused to give up. "Excuse me Mr. Mordechai! If you would like to speak about history let's talk about the Kuran as well. You cannot deny the existence of Jerusalem in the Kuran! I ask you to refrain from making statements that offend Arabs and Muslims. Let's please stay with our topic," he said.

"Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Kuran," Keidar said.

Rayyan stated the verse that, according to Muslim belief, refers to Jerusalem, but Keidar continued to object. "Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Kuran even once."

Rayyan continued: "Let's talk politics, please. Doesn't this decision
oppose the Road Map, which determines that Israel will halt construction of the settlements in Jerusalem?"

"The Road Map does not mention Jerusalem," Keidar argued. "Jerusalem is outside of negotiations. Jerusalem belongs to the Jews, Period! We cannot discuss Jerusalem in any way. You return to this issue time and again, but Jerusalem is not referred to in the Road Map. My brother, go and read the Road Map."

"At this rate Jerusalem will soon include all of the West Bank," Rayyan countered.

"My brother, Israel does not involve itself in housing that Qatar constructs in the Qatar Peninsula," Keidar answered. "What do you want with Jerusalem? Jerusalem is ours for eternity and no one, not Al-Jazeera or anyone else, has any say in it. Jerusalem is solely a Jewish city and no one else has any connection to it."

16 June 2008

Guns at a wedding.

I just got back from another wedding.

A traditional Jewish wedding complete with the marriage canopy under the sky, the 7 blessings, breaking of the glass to commemorate the mourning over the destruction of the Temple, Jewish music, men and women dancing separately and guns. Lots of guns.

The wedding hall was guarded by an armed guard. He dutifully checked my carry permit as I entered the premises.

As soon as I got inside, the groom's brother, a neighbor of mine, asked me if I would mind holding onto his M4 for the evening. I guess he thought I looked naked without my M16A1 and was taking pity on me. It's funny how a Glock 17 on my right hip and 2 spare 33 round Glock magazines on my left hip look inadequate to my neighbors.

As I took possession of the M4, his cousin came up to say hi. He had left his M4/M203 on base.

I sat at my assigned table with 9 other guys. Of the 10 of us, there were 3 Glocks, 1 Sig, and 2 S&W's. It was a little weird until I realized that 3 of the guys were under 21, and 2 were still in the IDF and had their duty weapons stashed under the table.

I neglected to bring my camera so my description will have to suffice.

We talked guns and politics, the advantages of the Tavor, Krav Maga and security between the traditional dancing, delicious food and other wedding treats until Mrs. DoubleTapper signaled me from the women's section that it was time to mount up and head home.

13 June 2008

Truth in Poetry

Ahmed's Bunker

Ahmed's bunker has surprises galore: Grenades, rifles are hung on the wall.

Ahmed is planning another bomb! What a bunker Ahmed has, who causes daily harm. Ahmed knows how to make a bomb.

Ahmed is Ahmed, that's who he is, so don't forget to be careful of him.

We get blasted while they have a blast!

Ahmed and his friends could be wealthy and sunny, if only they wouldn't buy rockets with all their money.

Written by a 10 year old boy from the Israeli town of Ness Tziona.

Hamas Accidentally Destroys Gaza Street

At least eleven people have been killed and 40 more wounded in a large explosion in Beit Lehia in northern Gaza on Thursday afternoon.

Hamas sources told Ynet that two of the seven people killed were senior operatives from the organization: Hassan Abu-Shakfa, one of the organization's commanders in northern Gaza, and Ashraf Mushtaha, another of Hamas' senior operatives.

Despite the immediate blame from the Palestinians and usual Arab sympathizers, the IDF has stated unequivocally, that they had nothing to do with the explosion in Beit Lehia (Gaza), and that it was apparently the handiwork of Gaza's finest terror activists who failed "bomb assembly 101" (YNET)


07 June 2008

Terrorist motivation

Why would anyone sit and listen to this guy? Death wish?

03 June 2008

The IWI Tavor returns, to my Kitchen!

Here in Israel, the work week is Sunday through Thursday. The Jewish Sabbath begins just before sundown Friday evening and runs until after sundown Saturday night. Friday is reserved for Sabbath preparations and whatever you don't have time for during the week. Friday usually is the day I go shooting, hiking, motorcycling and visiting with our servicemen out on weekend furlough.

It's been a while since the Tavor (TAR 21) made it's debut in my kitchen. Due to an opportune furlough and some of Mrs. DoubleTapper's incredible lasagna, I got another chance to play around with the Tavor.

While Prvt. Lasagna Lover (not his real name) was helping to reduce global warming, by lightening our refrigerator's load, I got a quick lesson on field stripping and cleaning the Tavor TAR 21 Commando.

What can I say? Simple, quick and compact. Nothing like my M16A1.

Look for yourself. Tavor TAR 21 Commando

TAR 21 Commando Stripped

Basic Cleaning Kit: Flannel, Gun oil, Barrel swab, and Scotch Brite! It's an old kitchen towel, not a PLO Kaffia.

Proper Shooting Stance, elbows tucked, arms tight to the body, rock solid.

Not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon!

Shabbat Shalom!

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02 June 2008

What kind of President would Barack Hussein Obama be?

A post-nuclear Washington DC, as envisioned in Fallout 3 by Bethesda Softworks - not al-Qa'eda

A post-nuclear Washington DC, as envisioned al-Qa'eda

Pictures of Washington, DC, devastated after a nuclear attack have been posted on an Islamic extremist website.

This picture and several chatroom threads discussing the possibility of nuclear attacks on the west were posted on al-Ekhlass and al-Hesbah. Both are Islamic extremist websites and have ties to al-Qa'eda.

Obama is still in bed with many extremist and terrorist groups.

Way too many sources to list them all.

Here are a few:
Obama's Terrorist Friends
Obama's Terrorist Connections
Obama Worked with Terrorist Rashid Khalidi
Obama's Terrorist Ties

And Many More!

Saudi America is looming on the horizon!

01 June 2008

No Rifle Mount!

Radial engine powered motorcycle

More Here!

Dunkin' Donuts dumps Rachael Ray ad

Dunkin' Donuts pulls Rachael Ray ad after complaints

Dunkin' Donuts pulled an online advertisement featuring Rachael Ray after complaints that a fringed black-and-white scarf that the celebrity chef wore in the ad offers symbolic support for Muslim extremism and terrorism.

More here!


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