28 May 2008

Obama for President, Not!

Barack Hussein Obama can actually see the dead. He said so in a speech on Monday.

"On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes -- and I see many of them in the audience here today..."

The line about his clairvoyance was was deleted from a transcript posted on his website, http://my.barackobama.com/page/community/post/samgrahamfelsen/gGB74D, by his official campaign blogger, Sam Graham-Felson.

Saudi America is looming on the horizon.

Liar or Fool?

On October 2, 2002 Obama said in a speech

"My grandfather signed up for a war the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed, fought in Patton's army. He saw the dead and dying across the fields of Europe; he heard the stories of fellow troops who first entered Auschwitz and Treblinka."

On Memorial Day 2008 Obama said,
""I had a uncle who was one of the, um, who was part of the first American troops to go into Auschwitz and liberate the concentration camps"

So what happened? Was Obama's grandfather in Europe at the same time as his uncle? Is that who he heard the story from?

But wasn't Auschwitz liberated by the Russians?

Doesn't Barack Hussein Obama know any History? If he can't get the Holocaust right, what else is he going to get wrong if he wins the election?

Or is he just a liar?

Obama's DOCUMENTED LIES: 50 and remarkably still growing from the Washington Post

50 Obama claimed he had never prayed in a Mosque; his campaign had to retract that statement

49 Obama dishonestly used third party comments in his ads to pump up his healthcare plan

48 Claims he never discussed politics with Pastor; rebutted by photo of Obama with team of lobbyists led by Wright

47 Obama, an expert at parsing words, claimed he wasn't familiar with the word "Clintonian"; then changed his story

46 Despite reeking of cigarettes, Obama denied smoking to ABC; now admits smoking on MSNBC

45 Obama said he'd meet unconditionally with Leader of Iran: now claims he "didn't have Ahmadinejad in mind"

44 Obama claims he is using public financing to avoid special interests: WSJ nails his switcheroo

43 Obama's rhetoric claims more young black men in jail than college: BoJ Stats disprove

42 Claims he never said he was a proponent of single-payer universal healthcare; Video proves he did

41 Obama claims remarks to industrialists were greeted with silence, shows he can deliver tough message: video of ovation

40 Obamas claim you dont rip opponents & leave on roadside:he did to Alice Palmer

39 Obama denies saying Indiana could be tie-breaker: he did

38 Obama omits that Pastor Wright led divestiture campaign from Israel

37 Obama claims Church not controversial; he lied since 86

36 Lied aboutintention of taking US out of NAFTA

35 Obamas claim poverty growing up: both distort reality

34 Obama denies meeting Saddam's Auchi; sworn Fed. witness places Obama at undisclosed party for Auchi at Rezkos

33 Obama lies about not attacking Clinton over her Bosnia lies

32 Obama claims he passed ethics reform; ABC News shows he lied

31 Obama says he's consistently opposed NAFTA; in October 2007 he supported expansion to Peru

30 Obama claims he's above dirty political tricks; Clinton proves he lies

29 Obama claims his "bitter" remarks were mangled; then repeats attacks on guns religion and angry people

28 Obama stated he'd stopped wearing flag pin on chest; now denies saying it, but video proves he is lying

27 Obama says he did no favors for Rezko;untrue; he lobbied for him

26 Changes story repeatedly re Rezko's help in buying mansion

25 Obama claims he never supported a ban on handguns; he has twice

24 Obama claims stays at UCC as Pastor acknowledged comments were inappropriate; Wright never made this statement

23 Campaign is beholden to "only the people" as unlike McCain/Clinton he does not take lobbyist /PAC money; LIES!

22 Claims campaign never called Canada to say Obama not truthful re wanting leave NAFTA; smoking gun memo proves lied

21 Mrs Obama admits she's never been proud of America; Video disproves Sen. Obama's later claim she was misquoted

20 Claimed would not run for President

19 Claims famous in Il. for not letting lobbyists even buy him lunch; took from teachers, trial lawyers, hospital admins

18 Claims his parents met at Selma civil rights march; Washington Post noted it occurred 4 yrs after Obama's birth

17 BO claims courageously opposed war in 2002 during US Senate campaign; He did not announce his senate bid until 2003

16 Claims he passes tough Nuclear Law; NYT uncovers he took Nuclear Industry pay-off and watered down the bill

15 Claimed he didn't know Rezko was corrupt when did a real estate deal with him; Chicago papers prove he lied

14 Claims does not accept money from Big Oil: Real Clear Politics proves he lied

13 Denies using his Hopefund PAC to influence endorsers; but the Washington Post reviewed the record and disagreed

12 Claims his State Chair is not a drug company lobbyist; Time magazine cries Bullsh**

11 Lies about how much he received in campaign funds from Rezko; forced to significantly increase the amount twice

10 Claims he did not fill out the 1996 candidate questionaire; Politico proves he lied

9 Took credit for achievement of others in Chicago; resume puffing exposed by LA Times

8 Claims he kept no State Senate records; now he changes his story

7 Denies doubling wife's salary was due to becoming US Senator; omits within months he earmarked $1 million for hospital

6 Denied meeting Saddam bagman Auchi; now admits he was at his dinner but does not remember talking to him

5 Denies using his church for politics: IRS disagree

4 Claims he was unaware of Pastor Wrights 911 comments: NYT proves he lied

3 Claims his father was a goat-herd; actually he was a man of privilige

2 Claims not an active muslim as child; Indonesian paper proves he lied

1 Claims father linked to Kennedys; Washington Post proves he lied

26 May 2008

McCain on Assault Weapons

It's all about using the correct terminology.

Any weapon used in an assault (see WEAPON and ASSAULT).

A crime of violence against another person. Assault refers to the threat of violence caused by an immediate show of force. Assault is often defined to include not only violence, but any physical contact with another person without their consent (i.e. Pushing, Slapping, Hitting, and Spitting)

Webster defines it as “an instrument of offensive or defensive combat.” So an automobile, baseball bat, bottle, chair, firearm, fist, pen knife or shovel is a “weapon,” if so used.

So how do you ban that?

In this interview McCain is asked about Assault Weapons. Instead of pointing out the fallacy of the terminology, he acts as if it were a legitimate question.

Politicians just don't get it.

By answering the question, instead of pointing out that the incorrect use of the term "Assault Weapons" has cost the American taxpayer huge amounts of money (someone has to pay the lawmakers, and enforcers while they dicker over thumb-hole stocks and bayonet lugs) he tried to appease the interviewer with an evasive answer.

He says he doesn't see a scenario under which he would ever support such a ban (on Assault Weapons).

That's gonna get the pro 2nd amendment public sending in the big donation checks, Not!

23 May 2008

Hamas releases video of Hamas Secret Service

This newly released video from Hamas provides a rare (probably first time) glimpse into the way the Hamas Secret Service protects (or doesn't) Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.

This assassination attempt against Haniyeh, by PA (PLO) forces, loyal to Muhammad Abbas occurred at the Rafiah Crossing -- and it appears about 4,5 minutes into the video.

Watch and wonder. Lots of scruffy, poorly trained, badly equipped, and completely unprepared wanna be security guards keep their Principal alive, in spite of their best efforts.

At about 4.5 minutes into the video, the attempt begins, now watch as the "secret service" attempt to cover and exfiltrate their Principal. First they stumble around a bit, then they take him to the get away vehicle. An open bed pickup. They get in the bed, all 25 of them and proceed to drive at OJ slow chase speeds for almost 4 minutes.

The whole time the cameraman is following on foot.

It's no wonder there are so few reported dead when the PLA and Hamas clash in Gaza.

19 May 2008

Second Amendment Blog Bash

Why I'd love to go, and why you should attend.

For me to meet and spend the weekend (May 15-18) getting to know other Gun bloggers would be really cool. I read their blogs daily, feel like I know them, but have never met them.

When I first heard about the Second Amendment Blog Bash, I signed up as a possible attendee.

More than 70,000 gun enthusiasts are expected to attend the NRA convention.

Mayor Jerry Abramson said the city and its hotels, restaurants and stores stand to get an economic boost of $15 million to $20 million from the gathering.

What it's all about.

Who's Scheduled to attend:

18 May 2008

More pictures from Memorial Day at the IDF Armor Corps Museum with Jewish Motorcyclists from around the world

Pictures from the Ride to Remember in Israel

יום הזכרון ביד לשריון -לטרון 077


עותק של DSC00102



More pictures from the Ride-to-Remember in Israel are available Here

Dead Sea


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14 May 2008

Here we go again!

BEHOLD THE POWER OF PINK: The final saga of the Sig


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Realistic Toy Guns

Israel responds to disaster

"Thou didst call in trouble, and I rescued thee;"
Psalm 81:7

Israel is sending aid teams to devastated Myanmar (formerly Burma) , where the death toll from a cyclone that battered the Southeast Asian nation over the weekend is said to be between 23,000-50,000.

The Foreign Ministry sent teams from the IDF's highly trained search-and-rescue team as well as a 10-member team of top Israeli doctors and nurses. Israel also dispatched badly needed supplies, including plastic sheeting, food, household appliances and water filters.


Israel has sent rescue teams around the world to aid in various disasters.

  • Israeli Aid to Earthquake Victims in India - January 2001
  • Israeli Aid to Earthquake Victims in El Salvador - January 2001
  • Emergency Aid to Ethiopia - April 2000
  • Israeli Aid for Turkish Earthquake Victims - August 1999
  • Aid to Kosovo Refugees - April 1999
  • Israeli Medical Aid to Flood Victims in Central America - November 1998
  • IDF Search & Rescue Mission after bombing of US Embassy in Kenya - August 1998
  • Operation 'Interns for Hope': Israeli Medical Aid for Rwandan Refugees in Zaire - July 1994

  • Israel has extended humanitarian aid to the following countries:

    Albania * Angola * Argentina * Armenia * Azerbaijan * Belarus * Benin * Bolivia * Bosnia & Herzogovina * Bourkina-Fasso * Brazil * Bulgaria * Gurundi * Cambodia * Cameroon * Chad * Chile * China * Columbia * Congo * Costa Rica * Cote d'Ivoire * Cyprus * Czech Republic * Democratic Republic of Congo * Deominican Republic * Ecuador* Egypt * El Salvador * Eritrea * Estonia * Ethiopia * Fiji * Gambia * Georgia * Ghana * Greece * Guatemala * Guinea * Guinea-Bissau * Guyana * Haiti * Honduras * Hungary * India * Indonesia * Jamaica * Jordan * Kazakhstan * Kenya * Kyrgystan * Laos * Latvia * Leshotho * Liberia * Lithuania * Macedonia * Madagascar * Malawi * Malta * Mauritania * Mauritius * Mexico * Micronesia * Moldova * Mongolia * Morocco * Myanmar * Namibia * Nepal * Nicaragua * Nigreia * Palestinian Authority * Panama * Papua New Guinea * Paraguay * Peru * Philippines * Poland * Romania * Russia * Rwanda * Senegal * Seychelles Islands * Singapore * Slovakia * Somalia * South Africa * South Korea * Swaziland * Tadjikistan * Tanzania * Thailand * Togo * Tonga * Tunisia * Turkey * Turkmenistan * Uganda * Ukraine * United States * Uruguay * Uzbekistan * Venezuela * Vietnam * Yugosloslavia * Zaire * Zambia * Zimbabwe

    13 May 2008

    Count on Obama

    Barack Hussein Obama says he's been to fifty-seven states, not including Hawaii and Alaska, and he still has one left to go.

    So there are sixty states in the United States of America. WTF??

    Is he really that stupid? Or didn't they teach US geography in the Islamic school he attended in Indonesia?

    If you think the US Dollar is in trouble now, wait until Obama uses his Islamic math skills and devalues it by another 16.66%. Saudi America here we come

    11 May 2008

    IDF Awards Two Heroes

    Two Israeli civilians received IDF certificates of appreciation for having responded heroically to terrorist attacks. IDF Binyamin Brigade Commander Col. Amir Abulafia awarded the certificates to two residents of the Binyamin region of Judea and Samaria.

    Moshe Benbenishti was cited for having "acted courageously when he did not lose his cool when attacked by rioters from the village of Zara el Kabaliye." In the incident, which occurred in March of this year, Moshe "used his personal pistol and hit one of the central inciters, and as a result saved his own life and scattered the mob that wanted to harm him."

    Rabbi Erez Bar'on was praised for "acting with a perfectly cool head when he responded effectively and killed a terrorist who tried to attack him as well as a youth at the Shilo hitch-hiking post." The incident occurred a month ago.

    Faces of IDF

    Faces of IDF
    Faces of IDF
    Faces of IDF

    07 May 2008

    Memorial Day at the IDF Armour Corps Museum with Jewish Motorcyclists from around the world

    Jewish Bikers from around the world are here in Israel.

    They shipped their motorcycles, and came to tour Israel.

    They will ride around the country in a landmark ride to commemorate the Holocaust, celebrate Israel's 60th anniversary and express support for the Jewish homeland. The idea for this trip was dreamt up at a Ride to Remember (R2R) in 2005, when members of various worldwide Jewish motorcycle clubs rode to the grand opening of the Holocaust museum in Washington DC.

    Since that ride, the R2R has become an annual event that takes riders to various landmarks around the US to commemorate and educate about the Holocaust, and represent the Jewish people as free and strong.

    As part of their tour, Jewish Bikers visited the Latrun Armor Corps Museum on Israel's Memorial Day.

    Israeli Bikers joined the tour as well. Being motorcycle addict, I just had to be there.

    My friend and I met up with the convoy of Harleys, Hondas, Yamahas and others, on the Highway and rode to Latrun. At the Armor Corps Museum there are tanks , antique and modern weapons, and every armored and tracked vehicle ever used by the IDF on display. We were given the VIP treatment with our very own IDF Armor Corps tour guides.

    We got to see, and touch all of the equipment from huge Merkava tanks to various small arms. I even got to check out the new RPG7.

    Tanks on display

    Wall of heroes
    More tanks
    IDF Armour Corps
    Parade gorund and wall of names where we participated in the Memorial day ceremonies.
    IDF Armour Corps

    Also in attendance were the Paratroopers from around the world.

    Memorial Day in Israel: Mourn, Comfort and Remember

    The air-raid siren's blare last night at 8:00 PM found me as I was driving home on the mountain roads of the Shomron.

    I pulled over to the side of the road, turned on the car's hazard lights, got out and stood next to my car under the dark sky. Other cars also stopped, their driver's got out, and we stood silently listening to the siren.

    So what do you think about during the siren? Once upon a time, I used to recite Psalms to myself to honor the memory of the IDF soldiers who fell defending Israel. Yet the one minute siren is so short, many more thoughts last night reverberated in my head. More Here, Hattip Jameel.

    06 May 2008

    Learn To Shoot IDF style

    Are you planning to visit Israel? Are any of your friends? Caliber 3 Shooting Range has opened up their training services to the general public.

    They are offering a special 2 hour package for tourists visiting Israel (and Israeli civilians).

    The package includes a briefing of the security situation Israelis face, examples of different anti-Terrorist techniques, and of course the fun part - Shooting pistols and rifles.

    The program is open to individuals, groups, and families. You can see from the photos on their site that everyone is having a great time.

    Of course they’re having a great time. They're shooting M-16A1s and Glock pistols!

    Take a look at their website and learn first hand what it is like to protect an Israeli settlement and fight a terrorist.

    paratroopers from around the world jump with the IDF

    Approximately 150 paratroopers from armies from around the world arrived this past weekend in Israel, to participate the parachuting exhibition with the IDF.

    The visiting paratroopers include delegations from the American, English, Singaporean and South African armies. The paratroopers are being hosted at the IDFs paratrooper school.

    The events are organized by Freedom Jump.


    I will be at one of the Jumps on Wednesday as part of the IDF Memorial day ceremonies. I'll try to get some pictures of the event.

    Barack Obama's Husseins exposed!

    Thanks to some in depth investigative reporting, Barack Obama's Husseins have been exposed for all the world to see!

    More on this at Rachael Lucas.

    04 May 2008

    Friday at the Range

    Here in Israel, every privately owned firearm is registered to a single owner. Every carry permit holder is required to qualify at the range in order to renew the permit on the weapon.

    My permit expires in June, so instead of relying on the local militia for ammunition and training, I went to the local range.

    I took my 15 year old son along figuring it had been way too long since I had taken him shooting.

    The guy that runs the place knows me, and the range instructor has seen me around, so instead of putting me through the standard permit renewal stuff, he just went over the safety basics and went to the back of the room.

    I went through safety rules with my son, the correct way to check a weapon, how to draw cock and shoot, maintain eye contact with the target, change magazines, and how to doubletapp.

    At this point the range instructor left the room, figuring that we knew what we were doing.

    My son, who started shooting at the age of 7, is a confident and extremely proficient shooter.

    I let him do most of the shooting, just enjoying the "quality time" and basking in pride at what a man he is becoming.

    After over 6 years of daily carry while, riding through rain, sleet and hail on my Yamaha 660, off-roading, landscaping and military maneuvers, my Glock 17 and the 3 magazines (a 17 round, and 2 33 round Glock originals) preformed flawlessly. No jams, no miss-feeds, no stovepipes, no nothing!

    We spent over an hour shooting. My son was doubletapping the heads of the silhouette targets, and changing magazines with ease by the time we were through.

    01 May 2008

    Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Day

    The sirens wailed for two minutes, the entire country came to a standstill. Cars stopped in the middle of the road, people stood, and took time to remember the martyrs and heroes.

    Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Day was set to mark the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and has been traditionally commemorated around the world.

    The Tenth of Tevet, (this year January 6) was set by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel as the day for the recital of the Kaddish prayer for those murdered during the Holocaust whose date of death is not known.


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