04 May 2008

Friday at the Range

Here in Israel, every privately owned firearm is registered to a single owner. Every carry permit holder is required to qualify at the range in order to renew the permit on the weapon.

My permit expires in June, so instead of relying on the local militia for ammunition and training, I went to the local range.

I took my 15 year old son along figuring it had been way too long since I had taken him shooting.

The guy that runs the place knows me, and the range instructor has seen me around, so instead of putting me through the standard permit renewal stuff, he just went over the safety basics and went to the back of the room.

I went through safety rules with my son, the correct way to check a weapon, how to draw cock and shoot, maintain eye contact with the target, change magazines, and how to doubletapp.

At this point the range instructor left the room, figuring that we knew what we were doing.

My son, who started shooting at the age of 7, is a confident and extremely proficient shooter.

I let him do most of the shooting, just enjoying the "quality time" and basking in pride at what a man he is becoming.

After over 6 years of daily carry while, riding through rain, sleet and hail on my Yamaha 660, off-roading, landscaping and military maneuvers, my Glock 17 and the 3 magazines (a 17 round, and 2 33 round Glock originals) preformed flawlessly. No jams, no miss-feeds, no stovepipes, no nothing!

We spent over an hour shooting. My son was doubletapping the heads of the silhouette targets, and changing magazines with ease by the time we were through.

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Earl said...

Good day, twice over. Son and gun.


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