27 June 2011

Iranian peace movement getting fired up.

Iran sending out warm, fuzzy feelings of friendship and love throughout the region.
Iran to stage missile wargames from Monday
TEHRAN (AFP) – Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards are to launch military exercises on Monday with the firing of different range ballistic missiles, the state news agency IRNA reported.

The exercises, codenamed Great Prophet-6, are to start on Monday, said a Guards commander, General Ami Ali Hadjizadeh, quoted by IRNA, without specifying how long the manoeuvres will last.

"Short-, medium- and long-range missiles will be fired, especially the Khalij-Fars, Sejil, Fateh, Ghiam, and Shahab-1 and -2 missiles," he said.

The general, whose force carries out wargames each year in the Gulf region, said the latest exercises were "a message of peace and friendship to the countries of the area."

In late May, Iran said it had equipped the Revolutionary Guards with a new surface-to-surface missile, the Qiam-1, which was built locally and test-fired last August.

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19 June 2011

Accessorizing the VZ-58

One of the perks of testing products for Zahal is getting to go to the manufacturer and see the process, check out all of the options and play with all the fun toys. 

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the FAB Defense factory and upgrade a stock VZ-58 Rifle with FAB Defense Rifle Accessories.

Featured in the video are:

Pistol Grip

 Folding Butt Stock 
with Adjustable Cheek Piece

Rail System

As you can see from the background, there are lot's of fun toys, with endless upgrade options. 

Post a comment and let me know if there is anything in particular that you want to see in an upcoming video.

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17 June 2011

On US Israel Relations

Netanyahu Urges U.S. Return to 1845 Borders

Israeli PM calls for "just solution" to end the conflict.

Aboard Air Force Aleph (Reuters) - Speaking to reporters accompanying Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his long flight to the United States tonight, Netanyahu spoke of the injustice and hardship Mexicans have endured since American forces annexed Texas in 1845.

"Tens of thousands of ordinary Mexicans were driven out of their homes - the only homes they had known for centuries - and forced to live in poverty and squalor south of the border imposed by American aggression," Netanyahu said. "The Israeli and Mexican people agree on this: This festering wound will never heal until America takes bold steps to return to the internationally accepted lines of 1845. Clearly the settlement activity that's taken place in occupied Mexico since then is illegal.

When I meet the President tomorrow I will tell him to halt all building activity in Texas immediately. Two lands for two peoples, yes, but not on land taken by force from Mexico," the Prime Minister said.

Asked if his hard-line stance could hurt the U.S.-Israel relationship, Netanyahu reiterated Israel's commitment to America's security and the unshakeable friendship shared by the two countries, then added, "But who was it who said, part of friendship is being able to tell your friend the truth. The ball is now in Obama's court." Received VIA Email
"we feel sorry for the American people who elected a president that who is so foolish to make remarks that are so irresponsible and so detached from reality!" From NY Times Video

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16 June 2011

Blamed Again

Once again Israel is blamed for killing terrorists. Of course there are no stupid or clumsy terrorists. The only possibility is that Israel got them. Here's what Hamas's website said:

Three Gaza terrorists were killed and four others wounded in a mysterious blast at a Popular Resistance Committees training camp near the Egyptian border on Tuesday May 31 2011.

“Israeli occupation forces and its intelligence [sic] apparatuses conduct secret war against the Palestinian resistance factions’ recently Israeli occupation air force assassinated three Qassam leaders, Ismail Lubbad, Abdullah Lubbad and Mohammed al Dayah by the help of its spies in the Gaza Strip.

“Actually, Israeli occupation intelligence [sic] services push its collaborators to plant ground mines inside the training sites of the Palestinian resistance factions to cause a state of insecurity and fear in the Strip.”

IDF spokespersons said they knew nothing about the incident.

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IDF Women

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IDF Women are responsible for many tasks during their 2 to 3 years of service in Israel تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

01 June 2011

Happy Jerusalem Day

Today is Yom Yerushalayim, the day to celebrate the reunification of Jerusalem after the artificial splitting of the city for 19 long years from 1948-1967.

JCPA came out with a brilliant video showing the history of Jerusalem in 5 minutes, highlighting how only under Jewish rule has it been truly a place for freedom of religion.

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