19 June 2011

Accessorizing the VZ-58

One of the perks of testing products for Zahal is getting to go to the manufacturer and see the process, check out all of the options and play with all the fun toys. 

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the FAB Defense factory and upgrade a stock VZ-58 Rifle with FAB Defense Rifle Accessories.

Featured in the video are:

Pistol Grip

 Folding Butt Stock 
with Adjustable Cheek Piece

Rail System

As you can see from the background, there are lot's of fun toys, with endless upgrade options. 

Post a comment and let me know if there is anything in particular that you want to see in an upcoming video.

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C J said...

I love the stock you installed on that VZ-58. I wouldn't mind having something like that for my Saiga 308. Too bad that design isn't made in the US to comply with 922 content regs. I use that pistol grip design on my AR, and it's first class.

Ronen Neeman said...

The handler is neat, but the gun just got weird design, thanks for the photos.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see some accessories that make the vz sleeker, keeping her nimble, rather than bulk her up with a bunch of rails she wont use, edges to catch on things slowing you down, and extra weight all of which counter her many advantages over the AK. A lot of this aftermarket crap just plays against her strengths.

The vz58 is not some AR whore, after all (Not that there's anything wrong with turning out your AR once she's all tricked up. After all, most of us enjoy a strip club every now and then), and there's a time and place for slutty.

Personally, I prefer to have classy looking assassin on my arm, rather than a street walker.

But hey, that's just one person's opinion, and I fully support people having as much freedom and as much fun accessorizing their rifles as possible. Having a good time is the whole point, after all...at least most of the time.

Paul V. said...

Would like to see some type of mag loader to accommodate strippers other than loading thru the rifle. Something like the Striplula or @ least a stripper guide like the one used on AR mags.


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