16 June 2011

Blamed Again

Once again Israel is blamed for killing terrorists. Of course there are no stupid or clumsy terrorists. The only possibility is that Israel got them. Here's what Hamas's website said:

Three Gaza terrorists were killed and four others wounded in a mysterious blast at a Popular Resistance Committees training camp near the Egyptian border on Tuesday May 31 2011.

“Israeli occupation forces and its intelligence [sic] apparatuses conduct secret war against the Palestinian resistance factions’ recently Israeli occupation air force assassinated three Qassam leaders, Ismail Lubbad, Abdullah Lubbad and Mohammed al Dayah by the help of its spies in the Gaza Strip.

“Actually, Israeli occupation intelligence [sic] services push its collaborators to plant ground mines inside the training sites of the Palestinian resistance factions to cause a state of insecurity and fear in the Strip.”

IDF spokespersons said they knew nothing about the incident.

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