30 August 2008

Gazans Support Barack Hussein Obama

"Hello, I'm calling from Gaza. I want some of your time. We are supporting Barack Obama…"

A group of 24 students and young professionals gather in the Gaza Strip nightly to phone random telephone numbers in the United States, urging the voices at the other end to "vote for Barack Obama."

The group has called between 5,000 and 6,000 Americans. Over 120,000 calls have been placed.

Although only American citizens can actually cast a ballot in the election, this Gaza-based effort is a forceful demonstration of how Internet technology opens the door for anyone, anywhere to influence U.S. politics. Even if they have never even been to the U.S.A.

Far from utilizing a state-of-the art call-center of the sort that have become a mainstay of American political marketing, the Gaza callers are amateur volunteers who meet in a local Internet café or in a stark room at a local youth center equipped with little more than desks, chairs and outlets for the personal computers through which they will make their calls. That -- and the desire to see Barack Hussein Obama become president of the United States.

More here

Anti Bush graffiti in Gaza

كس نيك تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس

29 August 2008

Women of the IDF Tank Rifle

IDF Women of Armor Corps with Merkava Centurion Tank M4 Galil Rifles http://doubletapper.blogspot.com/

IDF Basic Trainee on Guard Duty


IDF Navy personnel
http://doubletapper.blogspot.com/ Israel Border Police Sergent in Jerusalem with M4 Rifle


28 August 2008

Tavor rifle models

I get lots of email regarding the Tavor Rifle. Here are some great pictures from Famous Guns.

TAVOR T.A.R. 21:


with 40mm M203 grenade launcher

TAVOR C.T.A.R. 21 - commander / compact:


TAVOR S.T.A.R. 21 - sharpshooter:


TAVOR M.T.A.R. 21 - micro version:


TAVOR T.C. 21 - civillian version / semi-automatic only:



Tavor early model


  • Caliber: 5.56 mm
  • Cartridge: 5.56 mm NATO M193/M855 (SS109)
  • NET Weight: 3.27 kg (T.A.R.) / 3.18 kg (C.T.A.R.) / 3.67 kg (S.T.A.R.)
  • Effective range: 600 m

Download official description (PDF file format)


partially disassembled T.A.R. 21

Manufacturer Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), former Israel Military Industries (IMI).




Tavor in Action

tavor_in_act_06 tavor_in_act_04tavor_in_act_02

Tavor in Guatemala




Al Qaeda Alert

What do Israel, Sweden, UK and USA have in common?

They all have embassies in Cairo. And Egyptian security forces have beefed up security at those embassies due to Al Queda terror warnings in Cairo. Security forces have been increased at the main Suez Canal cities, Port Said, Ismailya and Suez, as well as the Egyptian Sinai resorts of Dahab, Sharm el Sheikh and Nueiba, which are packed with tourists.

27 August 2008

Barack Hussein Obama, even rappers say no!

NObama 08 Rap

Democratic National Convention Photo Caption Contest

From here!

Photo Caption Contest:

Take this photo...


Add your own caption. Like this!


Or this!


Post them on your blog/website and link them back here, and post your captions and links here in the comments.

I'll let you know which one I like best and post your inspirational poster here!

26 August 2008

Barack Hussein Obama action figure


I don't think I'd waste my money on one of these.

24 August 2008

Blogging tips and tricks updated

Cross posted (with permission) from here

...I would like to share some of the things I've learned about being a blogger and running a blog.

There are no hard and fast rules but if you want to increase readership or get your message across, there are a few things you should and should not do. I've learned these from experience.

1. Make sure your screen name links back to your blog. If you are commenting and someone likes what you have to say, make sure they can find your blog with a simple click. I cannot tell you how many times I've searched through a list of blogs that haven't been updated in 3 years to try to find the right one...some folks don't even link their name to their blog and then get all huffy when I don't visit.

2. Enable feeds in your blog settings. Most folks who read a number of blogs have a feed reader. It tells me when you have a new post for me to read. It's really hard to keep track of bookmarked blogs and checking them constantly for new content is hard work. When you don't have feeds enabled it really cuts down on your readership.

3. If you start a blog, the only way to get new readers is to visit blogs that fall into your realm of interest, make good thoughtful comments and be patient. Don't go into someone's blog and link your own blog in the comments unless you have a post that fits in with the topic at hand..even then it's not always good manners.

4. Recognize that there are some bloggers out there that do not comment. If you like the blog, just read, comment and don't expect them to ever acknowledge your existence. Don't get your panties in a twist over it. That's just how some motherfuckers roll.

5. Try to link blogs and posts you find funny and interesting in your own blog posts. People like to be acknowledged. They also appreciate the sentiment and free advertising and may return the favor.

6. Don't get into a pissing match with other blogs. If you disagree with something they wrote, state your reasons politely in the comments and leave it at that. The worst thing you can do is post something that trashes another blogger. You will alienate too many people and get a reputation as an asshole.

7. Don't be afraid to speak your mind. You may step on a few toes but people would much rather read a strong definite opinion than read about puppy foo foo for the umpteenth time because you are too concerned about hurting people's feelings.

8. If you want to place ads on your blog fine...but do not have pop up windows, adverts that change you to a different screen and other annoying bullshit. It just makes reading that particular blog more trouble than it is worth.

9. Begging for money...now this is where it gets tricky. If you want a tasteful little box up in the corner for donations..that's fine...some folks need money for bandwidth, some need it to buy substances that make them more creative and some are just grubbers. Don't be a grubber.

I'll tell you what...as soon as someone puts the tag: "gimme two dollah for a cuppa" on each blog post. I hit the delete button. What the fuck is a cuppa? Why would I want to give you money for one and oh yeah... how about a big hot steaming cuppa shut the fuck up.

10. Don't take yourself too seriously. It's just a blog for crissakes.

23 August 2008

M16A1 Rifle at the Sabbath Table

Maybe some of my readers can help me out. Mrs. DoubleTapper, who carries a Glock 26 openly in a fobus holster, seems to think that my M16A1 rifle should not be at the Sabbath table in our formal dining room.

During the Sabbath we eat our meals in our formal dining room. Each meal is a true multi course feast and can last several hours. Friends and family often join us. We sing, talk about the week, tell bible stories and enjoy the slow pace of the Jewish Sabbath at a traditional Sabbath meal.

I'll start at the beginning. Members of our community's local anti-terror team (militia) are issued M16A1 rifles by the IDF. We are requested to carry them, with 60 rounds of ammunition, our pistols, extra pistol ammo, and our beepers and walkie-talkies around the community during the Sabbath. The rest of the week our gear is locked up in our safe's unless needed.

I always carry my Glock 17, 2 33 round magazines and a cell phone, but on the Sabbath I keep my M16 rifle on my person. In Synagogue it's either under my chair or slung over my shoulder. When I arrive home, I put my M16A1 on the floor next to me so if it hits the fan, I won't have to go get it from the safe.

Sometimes my English Mastiff female keeps my M16 company.

Mrs. DoubleTapper thinks I should lock it up.

Please post a comment here and let me know what you think.

Should I lock up my M16 rifle during Sabbath meals?
Where do you keep your rifle while you're entertaining guests in your formal dining room?

Women of IDF on duty



Naval Duty
Artillery Duty

21 August 2008

IDF Battle preparation

צובעים נשקים לפני כניסה Remington 700 commo prep

Reserve Snipers Remington 700 M24
גם המילואימניקים של היחידה צובעים נשקים

M4 Magazine Loading
טוענים כדורים

נשקי הצלפים מוכנים
M24 sniper systems at the ready

גם הנשקים האישיים
M4 Rifles prepped and ready

מכינים טילי לאו וחומרי חבלה
LAW and other explosives

מוכנים לפעילות
Ready for action in full gear M4 Trigicon scopes

מעבירים את הזמן עד ליציאה
M4 and M203 rifle Trigicon paralex scope check

לפני עלייה למסוק (עם מספיק מקום ל"עיגולי המוות)
Prepping for the helicopter


הכנות אחרונות
Last Minute prep

Camila Alves
Pregnant Man
Britney Spears
Sherri Shepherd
Queen Rania
Blake Lively
Amy Davidson
The Dark Knight
Hilary Duff
Club Pengiun
Miley Cyrus
dawn yang
sophie monk


Picture of the 1st International Jewish Blogger Convention

It may not be easy as I left my colt M16A1 rifle at home.

Can you find me in the picture?

Do you need a hint?

Jewish Blogger Convention Recap

Wow. This was my first Blogger convention.

With over 200 in attendance, there were bloggers from all over the political spectrum.

Former Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu was due to arrive, so security was tighter then the average Israeli shopping mall.

My carry permit was scrutinized, and I was asked by the head of the security detail to "not take an active role" should any security issues arise. I agreed, and was reassured that I was within my rights to carry (openly) and to protect myself.

I walkedinside, said hi to afew of the bloggers and staff members I know and mingled, introduced myself around, and started counting guns.

There were way too many to count! Most of the men were carrying. I did see lots of fanny packs, inside the pants, small of the back, and on the hip carries.

I couldn't tell with the women, it must be that there aren't any shoes to go with fobus holsters.


I saw lots of Glocks, S&W's a few Sigs, and even a Colt. Members of the panel and the audience were carrying, and I even saw a couple of IDF reserve firearms instructors in attendance.

Akiva did a great job of live blogging the event if you want a play by play of the the evening.

I'll post more later...

Haircuts for Homeless from Barack Hussein Obama

This is just wrong!

Denver’s homeless get free haircuts to look good for Barack Hussein Obama

...Officials in Denver, worried about the impression that 50,000 visitors to the Democratic National Convention would get next week, were planning to hide the estimated 4,000 homeless people who hang around the city's downtown area.

...free haircuts to the homeless this week in preparation for the visiting crowds who'll arrive this weekend.

No, really.

20 August 2008

Wednesday is the International Jewish Blogger Convention

It's only 3 days away. I'm going to be there.

I wonder if anyone will mind if I show up with an RPG...

How you can participate:

If you're a Jewish blogger and are going to be in the Jerusalem area on August 20th click here to sign up.

If you're a Jewish blogger and can't attend in person, click here to virtually attend via the online forum and webcast.

19 August 2008

Israel's military ranked highest in region

Armed Forces of the World


Middle East Nations
Saudi Arabia43114527$400223$35000$1573500300685325
United Arab Emir.1141192.6$20051$11000$2161800220555311

Click here for more details.

Camila Alves
Pregnant Man
Britney Spears
Sherri Shepherd
Queen Rania
Blake Lively
Amy Davidson
The Dark Knight
Hilary Duff
Club Pengiun
Miley Cyrus
dawn yang
sophie monk


17 August 2008

Bielski in IDF

Nearly 70 years after Alexander "Zus" Bielski fought the Nazis from a partisan hideout in the Belorussian forest, his grandson has come to Israel to enlist in the IDF.

Elan Bielski 
Elan Bielski arrived in Israel on Wednesday morning from New York, as part of a Nefesh B'Nefesh flight carrying 235 new immigrants. Included in that group are 42 young men and women who along with Bielski will take part in Garin Tzabar - a program that integrates returning Israelis and new immigrants into the IDF as they prepare for service in a combat unit.
Following his brother Matthew, who returned (to the USA) from a stint in the IDF paratroopers' elite reconnaissance unit last summer, Elan said his grandfather was a major factor in his decision to come and enlist.
"The thought of my grandfather certainly motivates me," Bielski said on Wednesday, hours after landing at Ben-Gurion Airport. "The way he fought to protect his family and his people, I can't compare it to myself, but it does inspire me."

Nicknamed "Zus," the elder Bielski and his three brothers founded what would come to be known as the Bielski Partisans (Otriad)- the largest group of Jewish resistance fighters during World War II - who took on the Nazis and their collaborators while saving over 1,200 Jewish lives.
The partisans' story, which will appear this fall in a major motion picture called Defiance, is indeed one of courage and resilience. Defiance is due out this December.

The Bielski brothers fled the Navahrudak Ghetto in Poland after their parents were killed in 1941, seeking refuge in the nearby forest where they formed a working village of partisan fighters and their families.
Led by the oldest brother Tuvia, a veteran of the Polish army, the partisans conducted raids on occupying German forces and local collaborators, including the Belorussian volunteer police. They are reportedly responsible for nearly 400 enemy kills.
"My grandfather was proud of what he did during the war," Elan said. "He was already old when I was growing up, but my dad and grandmother told stories about him all the time."
In one of those stories, Elan's grandmother-to-be escaped from Navahrudak and found the partisan encampment in the forest.
"She told me that she saw this big, strong guy, who was one of the leaders, and told him that if he saved her family she would be his 'forest bride.' That was my grandfather, and he and my grandmother were married after the war."

Zus passed away in 1995, but left behind a family decorated in military service. Zus himself served in the IDF during Israel's War of Independence, while one of his brothers fought with the Red Army during World War II, falling at Konigsburg.
Elan's father Jay, was a US marine, who also served in the IDF during the Yom Kippur War alongside Elan's uncle Zvi, before Elan's brother Matthew preceded him in the IDF.
"It really all started with my brother Matthew," Elan says of his plans to come to Israel. "I saw how much he dedicated to his army service, and I got interested in it as well." Not only interested, Elan said he was so excited to come, he finished college early to make it here as soon as possible.
"I took 18 credits this summer," he said. "I literally had my last final on Monday and then got on a plane the next day. I'm really looking forward to it."
Elan is expecting to be drafted in November, and the thought of following in his grandfather's footsteps, protecting Jews in their time of need, continues to push him forward.
"It's definitely connected," he said. "It's not exactly what he did, but it's the same idea."
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Bielski Brothers, Heroes of the Holocaust

Zus Bielski's son Jay, served in the US Marines and volunteered in the IDF during the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

Zus's grandson, Matthew Bielski, who grew up in the US, came to Israel in 2005 to volunteer in the IDF as well.


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