20 August 2008

Wednesday is the International Jewish Blogger Convention

It's only 3 days away. I'm going to be there.

I wonder if anyone will mind if I show up with an RPG...

How you can participate:

If you're a Jewish blogger and are going to be in the Jerusalem area on August 20th click here to sign up.

If you're a Jewish blogger and can't attend in person, click here to virtually attend via the online forum and webcast.


Akiva said...

Hey, you forgot to bring your RPG!

If I stop by, can I shoot it? Please please.

DoubleTapper said...

Our local range is open on Friday mornings from 10am until 1pm.

Let me know when you want to com and we'll set it up.


BobG said...

What kind of holster do you use with that? LOL

DoubleTapper said...

Bob- The IDF actually uses a sling with the RPG.

Unfortunately I only have access on rare occasions.



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