07 May 2008

Memorial Day at the IDF Armour Corps Museum with Jewish Motorcyclists from around the world

Jewish Bikers from around the world are here in Israel.

They shipped their motorcycles, and came to tour Israel.

They will ride around the country in a landmark ride to commemorate the Holocaust, celebrate Israel's 60th anniversary and express support for the Jewish homeland. The idea for this trip was dreamt up at a Ride to Remember (R2R) in 2005, when members of various worldwide Jewish motorcycle clubs rode to the grand opening of the Holocaust museum in Washington DC.

Since that ride, the R2R has become an annual event that takes riders to various landmarks around the US to commemorate and educate about the Holocaust, and represent the Jewish people as free and strong.

As part of their tour, Jewish Bikers visited the Latrun Armor Corps Museum on Israel's Memorial Day.

Israeli Bikers joined the tour as well. Being motorcycle addict, I just had to be there.

My friend and I met up with the convoy of Harleys, Hondas, Yamahas and others, on the Highway and rode to Latrun. At the Armor Corps Museum there are tanks , antique and modern weapons, and every armored and tracked vehicle ever used by the IDF on display. We were given the VIP treatment with our very own IDF Armor Corps tour guides.

We got to see, and touch all of the equipment from huge Merkava tanks to various small arms. I even got to check out the new RPG7.

Tanks on display

Wall of heroes
More tanks
IDF Armour Corps
Parade gorund and wall of names where we participated in the Memorial day ceremonies.
IDF Armour Corps

Also in attendance were the Paratroopers from around the world.

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The Patriot76 USA said...

B'nai Elim of California has a growing motorcycle club. THEIR GOALS MAY BE A LITTLE DIFFERENT. I look forward to seeing them riding up on the muslim dominated universities on the left coast. Am Yisrael Chai


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