24 June 2008

Iran has missiles!

According to various intelligence sources, Iran has plenty of missiles and is waiting for the opportunity to use them. MESI's new interactive map shows that Iran's missile arsenal has the range to reach New York and London.

MESI gathers and analyzes information and presents it in a relevant format.

I had the opportunity to meet the Editor of MESI, Ashley Perry, and discuss the Middle East Strategic Information (MESI) project with him.

MESI provides a unique in-depth analysis of the Middle East and its strategic issues as they relate to the outside world.
MESI has access to senior politicians, diplomats, high-ranking security officials, academics, legal experts and strategists from Israel and around the Middle East. These provide MESI with an important infrastructure to disseminate a professional and credible analysis of events from the region.

Check out the interactive map that shows the type and range of missiles.

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