21 June 2008

Barack Hussein Obama lies again!

Don't lead us up and down rabbit trails, Senator. You lied. Plain and simple.

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Unknown said...

if obama becomes president, I'm putting in for moving to Israel, by putting in I mean asking my parents, I'm only a kid.

NotClauswitz said...

If all of Israel would simply move to California and vote we might become a free-state once again. ;-)

cmblake6 said...

"Barack Hussein Obama lies again!" Should have been:
"Barack Hussein Obama lies. Again!". Duh. You expected maybe...? This is news?

DoubleTapper said...

cmblake6- Since Barack Hussein Obama has over lied over 50 documented times, I guess I should see if I can guess what he'll lie about next!

Xander said...

It really pains me how so many in the US are blinded by Obama's skin tone and how he "got Osama" (funny, last I checked, it was *SEAL Team Six* that did that) to realize how terrible a president he's been. The national debt has tripled since he took office, government spending is higher than it ever was during the Bush administration despite all the talk about budget cuts, and he's ramming a health care that the nation can't afford down the throats of millions of people who don't want it. Yet all the media reports on is how the man celebrates a drunkard holiday (no offense to anyone, alcohol has been a very destructive substance in my family) at a damn bar or takes his wife and kids to a damn church. How is that BS even news? I understand the concept of a human interest story, but there are regular people in the world who do wonderful things like donate and serve food at homeless shelters, house, feed, and clothe orphan children, and such that should be reported on that aren't.

I had neighbors who donated time, food, and money to the Salvation Army on what seemed like a daily basis, despite the fact that they (much like myself right now) could barely make ends meet. If someone needed something and they had it, they'd never let that person go without no matter how little they had. I asked them why they did it and they always told me "because it's the right thing to do". Oh, and I say "had" because they were evicted from their home for not being able to pay the rent and buy food in the same month and now live in a homeless shelter themselves. Even now, they still maintain that it was the right thing to do and tell me that they don't regret a thing.

There are millions of people just like this couple in the United States alone, but you hardly ever hear of what these people do. Instead the news crews are rushing out to watch Obama go to a bar or to church.

Pardon the rant, DT, but things like this just piss me off to no end.


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