03 June 2008

The IWI Tavor returns, to my Kitchen!

Here in Israel, the work week is Sunday through Thursday. The Jewish Sabbath begins just before sundown Friday evening and runs until after sundown Saturday night. Friday is reserved for Sabbath preparations and whatever you don't have time for during the week. Friday usually is the day I go shooting, hiking, motorcycling and visiting with our servicemen out on weekend furlough.

It's been a while since the Tavor (TAR 21) made it's debut in my kitchen. Due to an opportune furlough and some of Mrs. DoubleTapper's incredible lasagna, I got another chance to play around with the Tavor.

While Prvt. Lasagna Lover (not his real name) was helping to reduce global warming, by lightening our refrigerator's load, I got a quick lesson on field stripping and cleaning the Tavor TAR 21 Commando.

What can I say? Simple, quick and compact. Nothing like my M16A1.

Look for yourself. Tavor TAR 21 Commando

TAR 21 Commando Stripped

Basic Cleaning Kit: Flannel, Gun oil, Barrel swab, and Scotch Brite! It's an old kitchen towel, not a PLO Kaffia.

Proper Shooting Stance, elbows tucked, arms tight to the body, rock solid.

Not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon!

Shabbat Shalom!

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Mike W. said...

I'm curious. What 5.56 rounds do you guys use in the Tavor and what's the most common barrel length? (I know there are several variants w/ differing barrel lengths.)

DoubleTapper said...

Standard IMI military FMJ is used in both the Tavor and the M4.

The Tavor Barrel on this (TAR 21 Commando) model is 38cm, about 16 inches.

It takes some getting used to, so it's only issued to new recruits.

robstar said...

cool story.. I'm patiently awaiting my Tavor w/ MARS in Canada !

the story has been added to http://gearcult.com

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Would you rate this weapon superior to, or on par with the Uzi?
I have a friend with what he calls the "Mack X version" (.45 cal) Uzi and he said he would not part with it for anything (I offered him my M1 Garand and $500).

NotClauswitz said...

It looks cool and is undoubtedly more steady offhand with less mass out front - but it being a bullpup, how's the trigger? I wonder if the receiver is on the CA gray-list? :-)

DoubleTapper said...

Robstar is getting one in Canada!

IMO It's a much better weapon then the UZI. The Tavor can replace the M4 and the MP5 and works well as both a Carbine and a Submachine gun. It has the range and accuracy of the M4 and reliability, controllability and firepower in a small package like the MP5 and UZI.

DeicideNBF said...

Very interesting pics, thanks.
Email sent!

viktor said...

Any idea what grain bullet the guys are using for best long range accuracy/ I hope to use mine for DEER HUNTING in Canada this fall...:)

Meltron said...

whats the scope on your A1?

Xander said...

The Tavor I can take or leave, but I love that A1. :D


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