12 February 2010

Godspeed Charlie Wilson

Charlie Wilson, the former congressman from Texas died Wednesday at 76.

Zvi Rafiah, who was the Israeli embassy's liaison with Congress from 1973 to 1979, called Wilson "one of Congress' greatest Israel supporters."

"I think that there were no Jews in his constituency, but he was a true friend. His support for Israel was based on his belief that we are a brave people, a sort of David to Goliath," Rafiah added.

"We're not used to having the Congress come to us, but he was the only Congressman to show up at the embassy on the second day of the [Yom Kippur] War to ask for an update on the situation at the front," said Rafiah. "Motta Gur, who was the military attaché at the time, briefed him."

"At the moment a ceasefire was declared, he immediately came to visit Israel and he came many times afterward. Israel owes him a great deal. His friendship with Egypt and Pakistan never came at Israel's expense," Rafiah concluded.

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