25 August 2009

Open Carry Israel

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

Here in Israel, where weapons permits are issued to those that need them, and are limited to a single weapon per person, there is no such thing as concealed carry.

Or open carry.

Weapons permits for private citizens are granted as Carry Permits.

So you can chose based on fashion, comfort, tactics, or personal preference how you want to carry your weapon. As long as you have your valid Carry Permit and ID on your person, you can legally carry just about anywhere in the country.

I've carried my pistol openly in government offices, military installations, malls, supermarkets, sports arenas, and synagogues. I've even been to political functions and open carried with our current Prime Minister in the room.

Here are a few pictures of what it's like in Israel.

Some random guy looking through his backpack

At a hot dog stand.

At the cell phone counter
How's that for a patriotic custom pistol on the salesman?

At a wedding

In the park
At a Synagogue
Lots more on how and why we carry weapons here and here

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gunsite said...

do you carry with a round in the chamber

Texas Ghostrider said...

I believe it should be that way everywhere. That gives me a feelin of being secure. If a "bad guy" is going to be "stupid" then the citizens and the police will take care of business.

ADeck said...

Wow, I love this blog!

DoubleTapper said...

GS- No round in the chamber. I draw cock and shoot Israeli Instinctive Shooting style.

Lots of discussion and information on that HERE

Don said...

I'd like to link this post in my latest Chicago Gun Rights Examiner article. It's about Arthur Frommer and his boycott of Arizona over open carry in Phoenix, and I had a feeling you'd have the hookup on open carry in Israel (Frommer has written guide books for Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Israel . . . . and unless they all say "Stay away, those crazy Jews carry guns there!" he's not being very consistent . . . to say nothing of his guidebooks for Beijing and Ho Chi Minh City.

Texas Ghostrider said...

A SINGLE WEAPON per person? I am assuming that is a firearm, Is it a single handgun and single rifle or how does that work. I find this blog rather interesting and I hope you don't mind a Texan as a fan.

TheWayfarer said...

Hell, Israel doesn't even have a Second Amendment to my knowledge, but its citizens are allowed to practice it...
Maybe we can import some of that freedom here in the USA?

DoubleTapper said...

Don- You should link to http://doubletapper.blogspot.com/search/label/concealed%20carry%20permit or http://doubletapper.blogspot.com/search/label/open%20carry as there are several articles there that are relevant.

TG - I always appreciate my fans, and have a lot of respect for Texans.

The law here is one weapon per person. Period. Long guns are for security, military, police and hunters.

NotClauswitz said...

Makes sense to me, carry as you please, open or concealed. Also I can understand the difference with long guns - it's the carrying part.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you can own more than one gun or one type of gun, it's just that the carry permit itself is only good for a single one?

DoubleTapper said...

DirtCrashr - One permit for one gun. That's it. One.

So I have a single Glock 17 handgun.

Mrs. DoubleTapper has a Glock 26.

My M16A1 is IDF issue and was assigned to me by an IDF Reserve unit.

I wrote about the permit process here and here

Let me know if you have any more questions.

miss said...

you forgot the ladies =]




NotClauswitz said...

So, you are limited to the number of arms you can actually own, not just carry.
That's too bad and something one would hope could be corrected by the legislature because it's educational, fun, and interesting to collect working pieces of History, and you guys have a very special and important History.

Tam said...

"there is no such thing as concealed carry.

Or open carry.

Weapons permits for private citizens are granted as Carry Permits.

Just like Indiana!

Unknown said...

What about us Jews who go to visit Israel, could we bring any of our handguns with us?

notthisone said...

I'm surprised the whole country isn't dead with all those open carried guns just waiting to go rogue and start randomly shooting people

Mick said...

Thank you Double Tapper for the "article". Very informative and helpful. Interesting to compare with what we have in the U.S.A.

Les Legato said...


Can you update (if necessary / possible) the changes to Israel gun possession and carry rules since you first wrote this in 2009?

Would be great if you can give any info for potential new olim who will be too old at aliyah to do any service in the IDF.

Thanks in advance,

Hag kasher v' sameach.

Dead Mind said...

I have heard that you guys in Israel have some kind of ammo limit. How much ammo can you own?

DoubleTapper said...

Les - There have been no real changes. You make aliya, wait 3 years, then you can apply for a pistol permit.

Dead - we are legally allowed to own/carry as many rounds as is listed on our carry permit. The default is 50.

Anonymous said...

what about swords can you legally carry a sword around in Israel with a permit?


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