06 August 2009

Disinformation on Obama

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

To: The White House ( flag@whitehouse.gov )
Your Request for Help Turning In Those Who Spread Disinformation on Obamacare

I've seen your request to help "keep track" of those who are spreading disinformation about the massive health bill President Obama and Democrats in Congress are trying to rush through into law.

You request information passed through "emails or even casual conversation."

While I find your request much like what totalitarian regimes, such as Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, may have done to keep tabs on dissidents and other critics of those regimes, I will help you.

Below are pictures of individuals spreading disinformation about Obamacare. If you want their addresses or other information about these infamous characters, please let me know.

Barack Obama
(President, U.S.)

Nancy Pelosi
(Speaker of the House)

Harry Reid
(Senate Majority Leader)

Kathleen Sebelius
(HHS Secretary)

Tim Kaine
(DNC Chairman)

Joe Biden
(Vice President)

With regard to emails and private conversations, your blog complains that you "can't keep track of all of them at the White House." I'll bet you're working hard on fixing that, right?

Source:Richard Viguerie

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Here is the e-mail I sent to Flag.

"A certain citizen I know does not support the President or his
policies. This person writes bad things about the President and his
policies on his blog and on Face Book. I have even heard him in
private conversations say things that are not supportive.

"Is there a reward for turning him in? How many years in the
re-education camps will he get?"

It would suck to turn myself in, but it is "the right thing to do".

Your idea is better.


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