24 August 2009

Jerusalem Beer Festival

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

The Jerusalem Beer Festival is celebrating its 5th year with an exclusive production in the heart of Jerusalem, Israel in Independence Park.

The Jerusalem Beer Festival is the largest, most impressive and the leading beer festival in the Israel.

Over 100 beer brands from around the world, both main stream and local breweries, will exhibit at the 5th annual beer festival.

During the two days (August 26-27) of the festival, Independence Park will turn into a huge bar with impressive settings and luxurious attractions.

Besides the large variety of fabulous beers, visitors will be able to enjoy the following: food stands, accessories market, exclusive beer store, common areas, live demonstration of the beer brewing process and various attractions, creating the perfect beer fest experience.
Every night on the main stage, visitors can enjoy a live show by Israel’s leading bands along with an exciting party hosted by one of the Israel’s top DJs.

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Anonymous said...

What type of beers are brewed in Isreal? Guess they don't import to the US, I've never seen a beer from Isreal.

Shimshon said...

In Israel we have Goldstar (My favorite) and Maccabi. Also Tuborg and Carsberg are produced in Israel. Even the Palestinians are producing a beer called Taybeh Beer. I do not know if they are still brewing it. Wasn't great anyway.


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