05 August 2009

Pimped out Guns Iraq Edition

A friend sent me pictures of Saddam's pimped out guns

Some of them are so pimped out I don't recognize them.

Help me label them.

Browning Hi Power

Sten MK II(?)

Suppressed MP5 SD3



AK 47

AK 47

The Arabic writing says that
"these are gold and platinum guns from Saddam's armory, these weapons are priceless and were never fired."

The engraving says,
"a gift to the leader Saddam Hussein, president of the Iraqi Republic."
تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

Pimped out drug cartel guns here

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Anonymous said...

The top one looks like a Browning High Power 9mm, NOT a Colt 1911.

The other unknown looks like a modern variant on the US M3 "grease gun" in .45.

B Woodman

red said...

I admit, I like the Browning Hi-Power. I'd never carry it but it'd be a nice display piece.

jcmiller said...

The one you have tentatively identified as a Sten is actually a Sterling submachine gun.


And the other unidentified submachine gun is a Beretta M12.


Also, to be completely pedantic, the rifle you have identified as a Dragunov is actually an Iraqi Al Kadesih rifle. You can tell by the little palm tree-shaped stamping on the magazine. Read the following article to learn what makes it different from an SVD.


I like this game.

Unknown said...

The unknown above the Dragunov is a Browning PM12S.

doubleplusundead said...

The ?? I believe is a Beretta Model 12 SMG.

Anonymous said...

I do believe the one with a ? is a Beretta Sub Gun,,,,

Anonymous said...

The unknown one is a Beretta PM 12


Anonymous said...

Also, that's not a Sten, it's a Sterling.


Anonymous said...

looks to be a Beretta Pm12 smg.

Anonymous said...

The unknown SMG under the suppressed MP5 looks like a Beretta PM12

John Stephens said...

A man who'd do that to honest firearms oughta be hanged.

Oh, right.

88 Kilo said...

The Unknown is a Beretta M12. 9x19mm Parabellum blowback SMG.

88 Kilo said...

Also the other SMG is not a STEN, it is a British Sterling. 9x19mm Parabellum.

ajdshootist said...

The ?? is a Beretta Model 12 also made under licence in Brazil and Indonesia.

IllTemperedCur said...

#2 is a Sterling SMG, not a Sten.

The unknown is a Beretta PM 12S.

Mad Saint Jack said...

#2 is a Sterling SMG.


#5 is a Beretta SMG.


BobG said...

Those are really tacky looking.

Unknown said...

Oh come on....

What one of us, if we had the money, wouldn't want one of those.

I mean I'd totally love a gold plated gun just to flaunt it in the faces of the Brady Bunch.

And honestly, it'd probably pay for itself in mere rentals to rap artists to feature in their videos and album covers.


Cool Springs said...

I expect to see these guns on Ebay by dinnertime!

Weer'd Beard said...


Here's the missing one, I'll let you figure out which morph it is.

Israeli by Day said...

I gotta say, what's the point of such cool guns if you never shoot them?

Anonymous said...

The ?? SMG is a Beretta M12.

Anonymous said...

The MP5K is not Iraqi, it was purchased by an unidentified client out of Kuwait if I recall.


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