27 August 2009

IDF Golani Brigade Unit Pride!

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

IDF Units are constantly pitted against one another in all forms of competition. This instills a feeling of Esprit De Corps, or what we in Israel call Unit Pride. In the Golani Brigade, one of the IDF's Infantry units, they are famous for taking it to the extreme.

From an IDF Infantryman's blog:

...we have medics in our unit, of course, and they are constantly being tested by the commanders. One of those tests is preparing a person for fluid injections. I guess if you get shot it's good to get some fluids in you.

So, randomly during gear checks a commander will point over to a medic and tell him to open up some poor kid's vein. Surprisingly, these kids are pretty good at it, so I never mind if I'm chosen.

The other day we all were gathered around as our medics were pitted against each other in a competition of who could prep a person for fluids first. Now, one of the things you have to do when you inject a person is write on their arm the info of what has been done so that a doctor taking over will know what's been done to the patient. That's pretty standard stuff as far as I'm concerned. Now, one of the ways you make due in combat is, errr, to use that person's blood to write on their arm.

So, Golani pride took over in the competition, and one kid showboated. Guess what he wrote?

Mesayat - RESPECT!

That's the kind of stuff people join Golani for. Honestly.

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Priest said...

Okay, that's just cool!

Jonathan Ross said...

I'm a combat medic in IDF reserves (Gdud-920) and we never do that for IV (intravenous drips). You write info on the body for a tourniquet (chet-ayin) to prevent necrosis of the limb and using blood .. never. Well only if you want to catch and spread some really nasty diseases.


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