01 June 2010

Weapon Review

On Friday I went to the range and had a chance to try out the FAB Defense KPOS

I tested the mounting and dismounting of my Glock 17 to the KPOS and found it to be very easy.

The KPOS gave my Glock 17 the feel of a submachine gun.  It was rock-solid to hold and fun to shoot.

I mounted a FGGS foregrip on the KPOS built in picitinny rails, and a Zahal.org Bungee sling in a single point mount.  I was even able to use the original pistol sights.


The Fab Defense K.P.O.S. from Zahal.org gives you a better grip, stability & platform for many accessories.   Now you can use your pistol for greater range, faster aiming, and better accuracy.

Here is a short clip of me testing out the KPOS at the range.
The KPOS is a rock-solid system and will be a great addition to any arsenal.
تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

Zahal KPOS GlockZahal KPOS Glock PDW


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PetrolClock said...

you sound alot different then what i would have thought.

Anonymous said...

? WTH petrolclock.
& here I thought I'd be reading a KPOS user review comment.

Eskyman said...

Just beautiful. Thanks for showing me that lovely weapon.

It's EXACTLY the kind of thing that freaks out the nannies in California, tho, so I'll have to move to get one of those!


Bart said...

Hows life? Shot any people today?

Over here it so quite, no gunfire for at least 28 years. No armed robbers either. You should come live over here, saves a shitload of money on weapon-bills. Also less chance of heart attacks.

CommanderSM said...

Hey Bart from the Netherlands- This is a Military, Gun, Defense Blog.


Kristee Kelley said...

Nice guns, and the kpos thing is sweet, too!

Arthur said...

There seems to be a ton of flame coming out of the sides of the thing right in front of the shooter's face. Is your glock ported or is that just the way the KPOS is directing the muzzle blast?

Augusto Sousa said...

Info on How much? Going to get one.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Bart, that's why your crime rate is still rising. No armed robbers, but plenty of assaults.

Or are you implying that legal guns lead to higher crime?

Let me check the crime stats of my own country. Hmmm, our permits for guns have more than doubled in the past few years, but the crime rate with legal guns has dropped significantly. Legal guns make it to the last rank in "tools" used for crimes. Dead last. Even illegal guns top them easily. Strange. Oh look, a few years ago a guy here killed his parents with a flamethrower he built himself, and another guy butchered his entire family with an axe.

Though, wasn't it in the Netherlands where some nutjob used a car as weapon to hit that queen of yours? And nother nutjob, not too long ago, stormed a school or kindergarten armed with a knife?

Oh btw, it's in the Netherlands where I can get a full AK47 for 200 Euros, illegal of course. And normal handguns start at around 50 Euros. Also at the black market. Hmmm...

BTW, how's your EUSSR coming along? How does it feel to lose your right to free speech?

Anonymous said...

The pictures link to the IDF Online Store that you can buy the KPOS from.


Unknown said...

Just got a KPOS Scout. I can hit better with my glock on it than using it as a handgun alone. I think it will minimize chances of bullets going astray should you, which I hope would not come, have to use it defending your loved ones or home. Great product.


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