15 June 2010

Concept Pistol

Amazingly realistic computer modeled picture done by a friend of mine (EA) he has an unbelievable eye for detail, all pics are available in hi-res 3d! This picture is of a concept pistol that he created using a computer graphic program.

This is the guy that helps me with logos and custom pictures for my blog.

If you need any modeling done, I'd be happy to make the connection for you.

Unfortunately I won't get to test fire these beauties any time soon. 

More of his designs are available here

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

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Terence Teng2 said...

Looks awesome even though bulky. :)

Zundfolge said...

The grip is cool, but what is the thing on the top of the slide all about?

And slide mounted safeties are so 1980s. :D

PetrolClock said...

thats crazy good, do you know what software he use's ??

Zundfolge said...

Ok, here's a crazy idea for your friend.

Modify the grip frame design to work around the guts of a SIG P250 and manufacture them to sell them as an alternative to the grip frames SIG makes.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, looks like a Hi Point on acid.


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