10 June 2010

Middle East Facts

These Palestinian Passports were 
issued by the British to Jews

Jordan Claimed rights to all of British Mandate Palestine

Official Issue Jordanian Postage Stamps 
Depicting False Jordainan Claims to the Land

So what's a Palestinian?

What about Muslim Arab Claims to Palestine?

The Quran states very clearly :
The land was promised to ISRAEL .

يقوم ادخلوا الأرض المقدسة التي كتب الله لكم ولا ترتدوا على أدباركم فتنقلبوا خسرين

"Moses (Musa) :O my people, enter the holy land that God Has written for you, and do not turn your backs, or you will become losers."

The Quran also says that one day the Jews will return home to their land :

وقلنا من بعده لبني إسرءيل اسكنوا الأرض فإذا جاء وعد الاءخرة جئنا بكم لفيفا
And We said after him to the Children of Israel: "Dwell in the land, then, when the time of the second promise comes, We will bring you all together as a mixed crowd."

Jerusalem is the historic capital of the Jewish people & the State of Israel. The Bible refers to Jerusalem and Zion 850 times. 
Jerusalem is not mentioned a single time in the Koran, nor is it even mentioned in the PLO Charter. Jews throughout the world pray facing Jerusalem; where all praying Muslims face Mecca. Jerusalem has NEVER been the capitol of any other nation except Israel, nor has it ever been holy to Muslims

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

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