09 June 2010

Israeli Prime Minister on Gaza Peace Flotilla

When the IDF Navy intercepted the first five ships of the Gaza Humanitarian Aid flotilla, they did not encounter any resistance and no one was injured. However, the instant the soldiers boarded the MS Mavi Marmara they were met with extreme violence by the Peaceful Flotilla Activists and were forced to respond in self defense.

When IDF forces boarded the MS Mavi Marmara in order to redirect it towards the Port of Ashdod, they encountered Peaceful Gaza Aid Flotilla Activists armed with such weapons as knives, saws, hatchets, slingshots, metal and wooden clubs, chains, mace, Guns, and Molotov cocktails.They even had come prepared to fight by equipping themselves with bullet proof vests that were found on the MS Mavi Marmara.

IDF Naval Personnel were shot, clobbed, stabbed and beaten by the Peaceful Flotilla Activists bringing Humanitarian Aid to Gaza.
Last year this Aid Ship was also stopped by Israel

More video of Humanitarian Aid bound for Israel's Enemies

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

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ajdshootist said...

All i can hope is that Isreal gives the weapons back to Hamas & Co but not in the way they will like!

Anonymous said...

what misfortune! with all the mined fields of the wwii that were in that zone, the ships of the so-called flotilla of peace have passed on the only mines-free path...

(yes, i am Machiavellian as a latin...)

primo capo

Mike W. said...

This whole situation is ridiculous. The ship ignored a blockade. As a result they got boarded by Israeli's enforcing said blockade.

They then start attacking the Israeli's who board the ship and somehow Obama and other anti-semites conclude that Israel is the bad guy?

Unfucking believable.


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