08 May 2010

Camero’s Xaver Through Wall Vision System

Camero’s Xaver™ system reveals the location of people in any room without having to venture into it. Its products are already deployed worldwide and have already helped in hijacking rescues.

Through-Wall Vision: The Israeli company Camero has developed a piece of equipment that will greatly help military and law enforcement throughout the world. The device enables you to know where people are located in a room in real time before having to enter it. The Xavier 400 is about the size of a laptop computer weighing under 3kg including the battery. It also has an optimized design for tactical operations which makes it easy to carry around by operatives in the field.
Xaver™400 Video Presentation

The identification system is based on a unique, multichannel, Ultra-Wideband (UWB) sensor that operates at very high bandwidth that enables reliable detection and object resolution. The Xavier 400 system is able to locate images through walls using electromagnetic pulses and is able to provide quick location and number of people hidden by walls and barriers.

“This technology saves lives,” explained David Gazelle, Vice President of R&D.
The system is already an operational success and is being deployed worldwide. Six months ago a girl was kidnapped in a foreign country by kidnappers who demanded ransom for her release in the amount of two million shekels. The SWAT equivalent local unit utilized Xaver 400 to see where the abductors were located. The picture on the device revealed four kidnappers and the girl who was kept hostage. While three kidnappers were in another room of the house, one of them was keeping guard on the girl in the same room. When he left the room to go to the bathroom the police broke in and saved the girl.

Urban combat places new demands on the successful completion of military objectives. Whether apprehending suspects, undertaking building clearance, rescuing hostages or identifying potential ambushes, the military operatives must enter potentially hostile situations without the knowledge of what is ‘beyond the wall’.

Camero offers a comprehensive man-portable solution for ‘Through-Wall Vision’. Camero’s Xaver™ systems enable you to know in real-time whether there are people present, how many are present and where they are situated. In addition, the system offers a first of its kind capability to map the shape of the room behind the wall.

These unique capabilities greatly improve the planning of your operation. In addition, once the operation is underway, real-time images also support the operations execution. Thus the Xaver™ offers unique intelligence to reduce the risk to the lives of your operatives and to support the successful achievement of mission objectives, enabling you to ‘Step into the known’.

Leading military and law enforcement customers from a number of countries have already purchased Camero's Xaver™ systems.  Camero's website is http://www.camero-tech.com/

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