29 December 2010

Memorial Day for Holocaust Victims

Last week was the day we Memorialize all of the victims of the Holocaust who's actual memorial date is unknown.

So I went to Dachau Concentration Camp to remember and honor the victims.

Prisoners of Dachau were brought to the camp on trains.

I took the train from Munich Centeral Station to Dachau.

Entrance that all of the prisoners passed through
Arbeit Macht Frei (German for Labour Brings Liberty)

"Dachau, 1933 - 1945, will stand for all time as one of history's most gruesome symbols of inhumanity. There our troops found sights, sounds and stenches beyond belief, cruelties so enormous as to be incomprehensible to the normal mind. Dachau and death were synonymous." William W. Quinn, 7th US Army, Liberator of Dachau Concentration Camp

The Perimeter fence

Only a few buildings remain surrounding the "Parade Ground"
On the Parade Ground
The Prisoner Barracks

The Main Road in the Camp, lined with Trees
Guard Towers and Fences

Memorial to the Jewish People that were murdered at Dachau
Inside the Jewish memorial

The Gate of the Jewish Memorial

The way to the Crematorium

The Crematorium
Entering the Crematorium
Gas Chamber Door
In the Gas Chamber
The Opening used to inject the Gas into the Gas ChamberIn the Gas Chamber
In the Crematorium
In the Crematorium
The Remaining Administration Building now a Museum

For more informati0n on Dachau see here

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

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Anonymous said...

I was there last month. We should never forget .


AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks DT.

I'll post on this tomorrow at my place.

Ostrogoth said...

Memory and everlasting homage...[']

The Revolution is Coming said...

I really can't even imagine what being there was like. Just remember that Israel isn't alone in the world. From Texas: Never Again!

30yearProf said...

My Father was in the Army of Occupation as a USAF Intelligence Officer (after bombing from B-17s).
I toured (no one "visits") Dachau at age 11 in 1956. There were more buildings then and a sense of gloom that chilled my pre-teen soul. I get chills while remembering. I asked Dad if we had hung all the guards and I was ashamed of America when he said "no, there are probably some eating our garbage". I will never forget, never forgive, or ever fully trust Germany. P. S. I am not Jewish. Evil is the enemy of everyone.


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