09 March 2011

IDF Technology and Training

IDF Ground Forces Commander Maj. Gen. S. Turgeman recently discussed IDF preparations for the modern battlefield, including recent improvements both in terms of technological equipment and manpower quality. 

“In light of change in the characteristics of conflict, we definitely need fast and lethal maneuvers. We understood this during the Second Lebanon War and Operation Cast Lead. A fast and lethal maneuver shortens the duration of war while preserving our old concept of security – of moving the action to the enemy’s territory as fast as possible,” says Maj. Gen. Turgeman, in a recently published interview he granted to the military magazine Israel Defense. 

On the new version of the DAP.  "The system doesn’t know the art of commanding, it only makes the commanders more effective.”

This year we will introduce a portable command and control system to the infantry forces which will be called Shachar,”  Built around the $500 million Tzayad (Hebrew - Hunter) Digital Army Program (DAP), has become Israel's centerpiece in its land force modernization effort, with new capabilities linking all combat echelons and disparate ground force elements into a single, secure C4I net. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) plan to deploy the fourth block version, Torch 400, on the Golan Heights facing Syria, marking the operational debut of Israel's first fully digitized combined arms division.

Beyond the technology equipment processes, the IDF's Ground Forces Commander noted that the most important ingredient of all is the investment of the Ground Forces in the quality of command and the training. “The quality of command is the flagship of the Ground Forces, and we will invest every effort in order to take it as far as possible”, noted Maj. Gen. Turgeman. “This year we markedly increased the level of difficulty of training exercises in the reserve brigades – including training exercises with live fire for entire reserve brigades, training which were not like these since the beginning of the last decade.”

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