26 April 2011

Stuxnet may have completely paralyzed Iran’s Bushehr nuclear reactor

Another one bites the dust...

Well, well, well, monkey boy. It seems like those dastardly Zionists and evil Satans have really done you in this time, no? This just in, from Pajamas Media:

Contrary to the claim made by the Iranian Center for Non-Military Preemptive Defense, the Stuxnet virus has disabled Iran’s nuclear centers.

Contrary to the claims made by Gholam-Reza Jalali — director of the Iranian Center for Non-Military Preemptive Defense — regarding the nature of the virus and Iran’s capabilities in dealing with the fallout, Stuxnet has wreaked serious and perhaps fatal havoc on the foundations of energy structure and the operating systems of the Bushehr nuclear installation. According to the Green Liaison news group, over the past year and a half the Bushehr plant has incurred serious damage and has lost major capabilities.

An individual involved in Iran’s nuclear activities reports that this virus was placed in the system by one of the foreign experts contracted to Iran. The virus has automatic updating capabilities in order to track and pirate information, and can also destroy the system hardware step-by-step. The internal directives programmed into the structure of the virus can actually bring the generators and electrical power grids of the country to a sudden halt, or create a “heart attack” type of work stoppage.

But, wait! There's more! Those evil warmongering apartheid sons of monkeys and pigs have been busy! Just yesterday, Iran admitted to a new virus named "Stars" which is causing "minor damage" to government infrastructure, which is Farsi for "Holy $hit, they're killing us!!!"
Officials in Iran say they have found a computer virus designed to target the country's government institutions.

The malicious software - dubbed Stars - was capable of inflicting minor damage, according to the head of Iran's civil defence organisation.
It would take some time to establish Stars' intended purpose, said Gholam Reza Jalali, military head of the Iranian Passive Defence Organisation.

"The Stars virus has been presented to the laboratory but is still being investigated," he said.

"No definite final conclusions have been reached."

Mr Jalali revealed that the virus could have been "mistaken for executive files of governmental organisations", but gave no indication about who might be behind the attack.
I'll give you an indication, you son of a motherless goat. Let's just say that there is an unnamed democratic country somewhere in the Middle East, who cares more about your Iranian citizens than you purport to. Rather than to blow up, destroy, and kill innocent civilians, we bend over backwards to protect ourselves by destroying only the weapons being created, and not kill those innocent people you despotically tyrannize!

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