13 November 2011

Silver Shadow Gilboa in Action

  • The Standard Gilboa was developed with the idea of improving upon shortcomings of other modern rifles.
  • The 7 inch “Shorty” was developed for professionals requiring compact weapons with the fire power of a full carbine.
  • The DMR is a heavily modified Gilboa -series automatic rifle to provided increased accuracy over range, giving military and law enforcement operators greater firepower.
  • The APR™ Assault Pistol Rifle is a revolutionary new firearm designed specifically for combat situations involving law enforcement and military personnel, specifically for CQB.

The Silver Shadow Gilboa™ line was specifically developed to provide a superior modern assault rifle.  The Gilboa upper and lower receivers are fully machined from aircraft grade aluminum (7075) and hard anodized, resulting in a stronger weapon with no dimensional inconsistencies.  Both structural strength and reliability have been improved by the redesigning of the proven platform.  The Gilboa™ is manufactured using state of the art processes ensuring quality and dependability under the most extreme conditions.  All Gilboa rifles are supplied with a military grade 1:7 chrome lined barrel unless otherwise requested.  Gilboa rifles are typically manufactured in 5.56 NATO.  Additional available calibers: 7.62x51, 7.62x39 and 9mm.

Silver Shadow Gilboa APR™ Assault Pistol Rifle

  • The APR™ Assault Pistol Rifle is a revolutionary new firearm designed specifically for combat situations involving law enforcement and military personnel.
  • This ultra-compact firearm combines the benefits of both assault rifle and pistol and is only a tiny 390 mm (15.3”) in length
  • The APR™ fires all types of 5.56 mm ammunition using standard M4/M16 magazines. It may be manufactured to fire semi-auto or selective semi-auto and fully automatic. The folding stock of the APR™ enables rifle style shoulder firing. a quick detachment lever allows the user to remove the stock to enable handgun style or one or two handed firing.
  • The APR™ incorporates several new patented design innovations, notably in its’ gas system and recoil spring.
  • The propriety gas system allows the weapon to run cleaner and cooler for superior reliability and handling.  Watch the video and see how cool it really is. 
  • The APR™ offers the stunning combination of precision, performance and superior penetration of the 5.56 mm round. Upper and Lower Receivers - CNC machine, 7075 solid aluminum billet stronger than casting.

  • DoubleTapper's thoughts:

    The APR is a compact weapon that would be perfect for CQB, VIP protection and special forces. It would make a great sidearm for commanders and helicopter aircrews. Although the overall length of the Gilboa APR is a tiny 390 mm (15.3 inch) it is a pleasure to shoot due to it's ballance and almost nonexistant recoil.

    All of the Silver Shadow Gilboa Rifles are finely crafted and shoot extremely well. I was shocked the the bolt carrier retained absolutely no heat and was cool to the touch after firing several magazines.

     I would be pleased to have any of these amazing weapons in my arsenal.

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