10 January 2013

Tactical Pistol Holster With Mounted Accesories Review

Finally a tactical holster that lets me carry my pistol with any accessory on my rails and still draw naturally!

Fobus has created an new design which allows a natural upward motion draw while carrying accessories on the pistol rail.

Get one at HERE!

I tried it out in the video below. 

Post a comment here or on my facebook and let me know what you think!

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Heri said...

Cool ..... complete accessories for enhancing pistol.

Penjual Obat Herbal said...

sophisticated armament

Anonymous said...

Any support for left-handers? I'd buy today if I could get a left-hand version...

DoubleTapper said...

Anon- Some models are made for left hand carry. Look at http://www.zahal.org/groups/fobus-tactical-holster/?a=244099


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