30 September 2013

DoubleTapper shared a photo on facebook

Share if you like IDF Snipers using the HTR 2000 in .338 Lapua! With an effective range of over 1,500 meters (twice that of the .308) it is an amazing rifle to shoot. IDF Sniper Vests are specifically configured so that all of the pouches fit the particular gear required. See Webbing/Vest details at http://www.zahal.org/groups/combat-vests/?a=244099 In the field IDF Rifles and Machine Guns are carried slung. Sling and accessory details at http://www.zahal.org/groups/buy-idf-rifle-slings-military-sling/?a=244099 IDF Packs are mission specific. See Pack/Bag Details at http://www.zahal.org/groups/military-army-bags/?a=244099 IDF Uniforms come in OD Green and blend well in any terrain with a bit of field cammo (dirt). See uniform details at http://www.zahal.org/groups/idf-uniform-israeli-army-uniforms-accessories/?a=244099 Coveted IDF Rifle Slings are embroidered with Unit logos and are awarded to outstanding soldiers. Details at http://www.zahal.org/products/idf-emblem-embroidered-on-special-forces-sling/?a=244099 via DoubleTapper https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=633974246633390&set=a.233939019970250.59536.182476861783133&type=1

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