28 October 2013

You all know mine. So, what's YOUR go-to home defense gun? What do you carry daily? Open or Concealed?

via DoubleTapper http://www.facebook.com/pages/p/182476861783133


Anonymous said...

S&W M&P 9mm or Ruger sr9. DAO, with a manual safety. In the US, with all the ambulance-chasing lawyers, we have to worry about Problem Two (legal liability) as much as Problem One (the gunfight itself). And concealed, since, even in states that allow open carry, the sight of a gun is enough to start a panic.

Anonymous said...

FN-FNP 9 for carry, concealed.

For normal home defense, I use a tactical Remington 870 with extended magazine tube, sidesaddle, and mounted light.

For full-blown riots/terrorism/zombies/Chinese invasion, I've got an M4 with an EO Tech optic, Magpul grip and stock, and tactical laser.


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