15 November 2013

DoubleTapper shared a photo on facebook

Share if you like IDF Women Machine Gunners! Gear Description: IDF Uniforms come in OD Green and blend well in any terrain with a bit of field cammo (dirt). See uniform details at http://www.zahal.org/groups/idf-uniform-israeli-army-uniforms-accessories/?a=244099 In the field IDF Rifles and Machine Guns are carried slung. Sling and accessory details at http://www.zahal.org/groups/buy-idf-rifle-slings-military-sling/?a=244099 Other rifle Accessories in use in the IDF include: Mag Holders, Slings, Buttstocks, Pistol grips, hand guard /rail systems, flashlight and laser mounts... Look -----> http://www.zahal.org/groups/custom_build/?a=244099 via DoubleTapper https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=656488644381950&set=a.233939019970250.59536.182476861783133&type=1

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