27 April 2014

DoubleTapper shared a photo on facebook

Heeding the call of Abba Kovner to fight rather than to surrender to their oppressors, young Jews from the ghettos of Vilna and Kovno, Lithuania, tried to escape and join the partisans in groups like Ha-Nokem, founded by Vilna Jews, and Kadima, started by Jews from Kovno.". Most groups were poorly armed and sometimes faced hostility from antisemitic partisans who hated the Nazis for reasons other than the persecution of Jews. Partisans, men and women, had to scrounge weapons and make due with what they had until they killed more Nazis and took their weapons. Which WWII era weapon would you have tried to get if you were a Jew who managed to escape the ghetto to fight the Nazis? via DoubleTapper http://ift.tt/1k9nbzZ

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