30 June 2014

DoubleTapper Posted a link to facebook

10:03pm Announcement from PM Netanyahu to Israeli Government Cabinet: It is with great sorrow that we found 3 bodies this evening, and all signs indicate that these are the bodies of the abducted boys Eyal, Gil-ad and Naftali. They were abducted and murdered in cold blood by animals. In the name of the Jewish people...Am Yisrael...I would like to tell the dear families...the mothers and fathers....grandmothers amd grandfathers. ...sisters and brothers....our hearts are bleeding...and the entire nation is crying with you. We will bring the children to "kever yisrael" [A Jewish Burial] The revenge for killing a child hasn't yet been created by Satan...nor revenge for killing young, righteous and pure boys who were on their way home from school to see their parents who will never see them again. Hamas is responsible and Hamas will pay. May the memories of the 3 boys be blessed. The Muqata So how would you make the hamas arab terrorists pay for abducting and murdering our 3 teenagers?

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