17 November 2008

Defiance Movie Review

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

One of my regular readers just sent me this email.

"I just saw Defiance in a sneak preview for the National Council of the
Social Studies annual conference in Houston, TX. I know you have
written about this movie because of the historic story line. I think
you will like the movie even more for the way the story is told.

The characters are well developed. The audience can see that each of
the brothers is a human with weaknesses, but they all do great things.
My wife and I were really touched by the humanity of the characters
and their struggle. The love stories did not seem out of place, or
gratuitous. These relationships were a well balanced and integral part
of the story. The final battle scene kept us on the edge of our
seats, and ended in such a poignant manner. I am not a crier, but at
the end of this movie I cried.

I hope that the 250+ Social Studies teachers that saw the movie with
me will use the story in their lessons about WWII. There was a little
swearing, that will be tough for teachers to use more than short clips
of the movies in the classroom. Defiance had no sex scenes. There was
one scene where Tuvia Bielski was holding his bride in bed, and both
of them were shown with bare shoulders. That was as risque as it got.

I look forward to seeing Defiance once more in December with my
family. Thank you for writing so much about this movie and the Bielski
brothers. I would not have gone to see it if I had not read about it
on your blog. Thank you."

If anyone else has seen the movie, please post your reviews here in the comments.


1 comment:

deMontjoie said...

Social Studies -- ???

Oh yeah -- isn't that what we used to call "History"?

If so, are the nation's Social Studies teachers gonna push to be able to show this movie to their classes as part of WWII / Holocaust history?


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