23 November 2008

Handgun and Rifle choices

تنسيق الكليات لعام سكس نيك كس Barack Hussein Obama

I received this email from a reader and thought I would post it for your opinions.

Leave a comment and let him know what you think.

DoubleTapper: After much research, I finally ordered my wife and myself our Christmas presents today, and was wondering what your opinion on the matter might be. Before BHO begins his reign and stamps out all the gun laws in the USA, I ordered a Glock 26 for her and a Glock 17 for myself. Several Special Forces types recommended the 17, and I figured to keep the cal. the same, I would get her the 26 for her smaller hand.

Just wondering what your opinion might be. I know a lot of folks in Israel seem to favor either Glocks or Sigs for personal handguns, but I was wondering what your opinion is with your specialized background. I like the option of extended high capacity magazines as well. Also, I was wondering what would be your choice for a personal semiauto assault type rifle, and what caliber. I have a mini-14 (.223) with several extended high capacity magazines, but was wondering if you might have another recommendation.

I don't know if you have heard what is going on with the gun shops over here, but handguns and assault rifles are selling as fast as the salespeople can ring them up. One shop sold over 400 assault rifles in one day, and the shops keep running out of Glocks and Sigs.

On National Ammo Day (Nov. 19th) I do plan on doing some serious procurement for all my weapons, as I have a strong feeling that BHO will be gunning (punny, yes?) for every aspect of the shooting scene from manufacture to ammo within a short period after inauguration.

I keep Israel in my prayers daily--very few in this country seem to understand or care what evil you face, and now with BHO in power, there is no telling what position he will take.

Go ahead and post your opinions to the comments.



Bitmap said...

My opinion is that when someone has small hands they don't need a grip that is shorter, they need one that is smaller in circumference. Glocks in 9mm have a fairly small circumference so that is ok, but I would probably go for a G19 or G17 for a new shooter instead of the G26. The shorter sight radius on the G26 and the greater muzzle rise make it more difficult to shoot well than the G17/G19.

If the user is satisfied with the accuracy of the Mini-14 then it is probably ok. Magazines are the issue. Factory mags are the best for the Mini, but they tend to be expensive. Eagle mags seem to function well but the plastic gets brittle over time and the lips eventually crack on them which ruins them.

I wouldn't be satisfied with "several" mags. If you really think hicaps will be permanently banned then you should have enough to last a lifetime, and preferably for your children's lifetime as well. Mags wear out, break, or become lost, so it's better to have plenty. AR and AK mags are relatively inexpensive, even if you pay post-election rapist prices on them. I prefer either of those platforms to the Mini-14. Just the magazine issue alone is enough for that.

The guy's choices aren't bad and they seem to already be done, so now it is time to practice a lot, learn the strengths and weaknesses of what he has, and possibly make changes based on training and practice. Oh, and buy lots more mags for the handguns, too.

firefighter4884 said...

Personally, I've got a Glock 19 (9mm) and a Springfield XD45 Service (45ACP) that I consider to be my primary fighting pistols. I have several others, but those are my two main carry guns, and the two that I'm most likely to have with me.

As far as rifles go, I like an AR-15 style with a gas piston. I like a flat top 16", with a collapsible stock, and I'm looking to add a red-dot optic.

I also want to pick up a 7.62NATO bolt action rifle with an optic, but I'm not AS worried about getting that firearm after Obama takes office :)

NotClauswitz said...

I don't have enough money for a new gun, but I can buy some more ammo and magazines for my '43 1911A1. They're not high-cap so that's not a factor.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with Glock 9mm's. Im about to be issued a G19 through Blackwater myself. Im not a huge Glock fan but can get use to them. I would much prefer a high cap STI. There's just something about a 14 rnd mag capacity in a 1911 frame that makes me smile.

If a Mini-14 is all you have and all you can get then do what you have to do. I would much prefer my Stag AR-15. As long as you have a Mil-Spec gun you have no need for the gas piston. If you want one with a gas piston I suggest the Sig 556. The problem the gas piston AR's were created to fix is the fact that they were using non Mil-Spec rifles in the first place. For instance Bushmaster with their quality control all over the place is a really bad choice. For that gun a gas piston is an improvment. Get a Stag, DPMS, CMMG, DS Arms, or Saber Defence and you will never have a need for a gas piston. All their specs are right to begin with.
Couple the right rifle with the 75gn rounds and you have a naste down range result. The 75gn rounds through an at least 16" barrel will cause massive terminal damage because the bullet will fragment on impact.

SordidPanda said...

I got a G19 for my wife, who decided that she would much rather have a revolver after she was beaned on the forehead by brass.

However those three firearms are more than enough, but consider expanding the collection to include a pump action shotgun for additional home defense and two 22lr pistols for cheap practice.

Even 9mm gets expensive to shoot after a while.

GunGeek said...

Now it's time to go out and get a KelTec Sub2000 that takes the Glock 9mm magazines to go with those.

Mine's the 40 version and I have a Glock 27 to go with it, but my Glock also has a 9mm barrel and G26 magazines to use when I swap the barrel out.

DoubleTapper said...

I agree with your handgun choices. Mrs. DoubleTapper carries the Glock 26 (with a +2 mag extension for the pinkie) and I carry the Glock 17.

I also have the Glock 33 round mags.

Thanks for your prayers, with Obama at the helm and Hilary at his side I think we are in for a rough ride.

The Revolution is Coming said...

As far as weapons go an M-14 is by far my favorite. You can't carry as much ammo as an AR but how much are you really going to need domestically? As for pistols, a Smith&Wesson Model 29 (.44 mag) is what I normally carry and is pretty hard to beat. No human is going to require more than one shot of 44mag to take them down, there are no magazines to loose and it can shoot 44mag, special or russian in a pinch. Lots of practice will trump high capacity every time. Remember we won WWII with 8 shot M1 garands.

Unknown said...

Just to chime in on the mini-14.

a) They retooled a few years back to improve accuracy.

b) Ruger currently offers 20 rnd factory mags for $29.95.

- N.U.G.U.N.

The Mad Hatter said...

Handguns: H&K USP. I and other fans of the pistol have found it to be highly reliable in most conditions--swamp, desert, or in my case, cold. -30 temps and it fires without any malfunctions.

Preferred caliber is .45, loaded with something in +P, like Cor-Bon.

Rifles: I haven't had too much experience in this realm, having only owned a single AR-15 for a short while. But from what I have read, H&K's adaptation of the AR-15 (replacing the gas impingement system with a gas piston) sounds like a real winner.


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